Introducing the Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™: the smallest, fastest and smartest speed oven on offer

Trends in dining come and go, but there are certain constants in foodservice that remain unchanged.

Customers seeking delicious food served fast and affordably, are just a few of these constants. For this, speed ovens are an operator’s best friend, and for unsurpassed speed and design you can’t go past the new Menumaster MRX Xpress IQ™ Speed Oven.

What is most striking about the MRX at first glance is its size; at 36 cm wide and 71 cm deep, the small footprint means finding space for the unit is easy. Not only will your new speed oven take up as much room as a microwave, but it requires no ventilation meaning installation is both flexible and extremely economic. Place it back of the house to work with your existing commercial kitchen equipment, or front of house to deliver a new grab and go menu and reduce orders that get passed to kitchen. With the ability to fit a 30 cm pizza inside, there are so many ways the MRX can help expand your menu or create efficiencies in delivering your current menu.

Do not be fooled by the small footprint; the MRX packs a pint-sized punch when it comes to its power. Combining impingement, convection and microwave heating technologies, the MRX is the perfect commercial oven for reheating, browning, crisping and cooking a wide variety of items up to 15 times faster than conventional ovens. Featuring 3000W of impingement power and a 95°C – 270°C temperature range, serving consistently good tasting food fast is easier than ever. Check out our cooking times comparison guide to see just how much time you can save by utilising the MRX.


Menu Item Conventional Cooking MRX523 MRX51A
Toasted Sub 3:00 0:30 0:40
Bacon and Egg Roll 20:00 0:50 0:55
Toasted Bagel 4:00 0:15 0:20
Salmon 30:00 2:05 2:40
30cm (12”) Pizza 20:00 2:50 3:10
Chicken Wings 20:00 2:30 4:00
Crab Cakes 20:00 1:15 1:45
Large Baked Potato 60:00 4:55 7:45

*all times shown are in minutes

The MRX isn’t just smaller and faster than its competitors, but smarter too. The True Touch™ HD touchscreen stores 1200+ programmed menu items which are fully customisable so you can load and save your menu to your exact cooking specifications. Menu items are image based for easy product identification, plus the unit supports 25 different languages, eliminating language and literacy barriers. Updating your unit or menu items is also done with ease in the MRX, with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and smart USB connectivity coming as standard.

Watch the short product video below to discover the various features and benefits the MRX has on offer.

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