Why your kitchen should be buying Cambro, and doing it online

Here at Comcater, we tend to focus quite a lot on the big ticket items that can add power and versatility to a kitchen. More often than not, these fall into the category of commercial cooking equipment, which is hugely important to any business that prepares food. These are the glamorous and advanced beacons of kitchen technology, and while ovens, stovetops and deep fryers are all undoubtedly important, there’s far more to the story. 

Cambro is a company that takes storage seriously.

Talking about storage, service or utensils may not have the same pizzazz as an all-in-one advanced cooking behemoth like the RATIONAL VarioCooking Center MULITFICIENCY 112, but these areas are arguably more important, providing the structural backbone that allows your appliances to operate to their full potential.

When it comes to these details, quality reigns supreme, and in this article we’ll celebrate one of Comcater’s favourite brands, talk about what it can add to a kitchen, and explain why you should be buying online. Let’s talk about Cambro.

Nothing compares to Cambro

Cambro is a company that takes storage seriously. To put things simply, its goal isn’t to be the cheapest, but to be the very best and provide chefs with an unparalleled level of excellence across an absolutely enormous range of different products. As one of the few aspects of a kitchen that will see almost every piece of produce, storage plays a vital role in that most important of culinary tasks – keeping food fresh.

You can rest assured that all of your stored food is ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Without a good backbone to start with, even the best cooking machines in the world won’t be able to turn out great dishes, so it’s imperative to start off with the best. Of course, there’s also the safety side of things to consider, with storage being key to ensuring food remains hygienic and fit for consumption. Cambro understands all of these requirements, which is why it takes HACCP so seriously. By researching, identifying and eliminating any potential food hazards, you can rest assured that all of your stored produce is ready for action at a moment’s notice.

From the food-grade materials used in manufacturing through to airtight seals, you can be positive that your Cambro products will never rust, stain or smell – keeping things as fresh as possible. To maintain this, the products undergo regular quality audits from the National Sanitation Foundation, and are backed by OEM warranties. As an added bonus, Cambro builds things to last, so you won’t have to worry about the additional expense or environmental damage of having the cycle through containers and utensils every few months.

In fact, Cambro can add so much to a kitchen that we thought we’d take a closer look at an example. Let’s check out what the brand brought to Calafia Cafe.

Case study: Cambro and Calafia Cafe

Calafia Cafe and Market A Go-Go in Palo Alto, California, is an inspiration to restaurants everywhere. Serving up a mix of healthy, organic and delicious food, Calafia has become a Silicon Valley institution and recently switched to a Cambro storage containment system. Check out the video below to see the transformation.

The challenges with Calafia Cafe were extensive, due to the establishment’s farm-to-plate ideology. Nevertheless, Cambro was up to the challenge, completely changing the way food was stored, labelled and accessed for the Calafia Cafe staff. From shelving making best use of space through to tight-fitting lids and a range of storage options to suit every type of produce, Cambro’s products have turned Calafia’s workflow into something completely different. Even simple changes such as being able to view the contents of a container without having to open it have made a world of difference – highlighting how important good storage really is.

Owner Charlie Ayers said of Cambro, “I know of their quality, their craftsmanship, their integrity and what they stand behind.” By ordering online from Comcater, your business can too.

Everybody knows the brand’s quality – from kitchen staff through to health inspectors.

Cambro online from Comcater

One of the best things about Cambro products is that everybody knows the brand’s quality – from kitchen staff through to health inspectors. With this peace of mind, businesses can feel comfortable ordering all manner of items through Comcater’s online store, and simply wait for the solution to show up at their front door.

Buying online has all sorts of benefits, from being able to view the entire collection through to not having to worry about what’s in stock. You can mix and match to create a tailored storage solution that’s unique to your business, and see the top picks from other restaurants and cafes around Australia.

To find out more about the Cambro range, or to learn more about the Comcater store, fill in the form on this page.

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