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The Australian Restaurant Industry is an extremely competitive and volatile state, with one in two new restaurants closing down in Australia within three years of opening. At Comcater, we pride ourselves in having a team full of qualified, practicing Chefs who understand the difficulties in not only opening a restaurant, but keeping it alive for years to come. That's why we proudly distribute some of the most innovative restaurant equipment the world has on offer.

Technological advancements in the foodservice industry such as the Rational SelfCookingCenter® 5Senses (2014 FIA Innovation of the Year) and the FRIMA VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® (2012 Fine Food Best New Hospitality Equipment of the Year) means speedier service, improved efficiency, profitability and accuracy, as well as greater menu variety and less environmental impact. Moreover, advanced kitchen technologies are making two way communication possible between the Chef and the equipment, not to mention being able to replace several pieces of equipment with one single unit that saves on energy, labour and waste.

Need more convincing? 

More than a third of the 2015 AFR Top 100 Australian Restaurants choose Rational for their kitchen, with 8 out of the top ten venue’s relying on one or more Rational for their service.

Don't delay, be sure to check out our events page for an upcoming Rational Cooking Live and let us help you today\!

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Garland - GF36-6R-NG

Garland Restaurant Range 900mm Wide 6 Burner w Oven Nat Gas
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Alto-Shaam - 767SK111

Alto Shaam 767-SK-III Cook and Hold Smoker Oven Digital Control 686mm Wide


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