Charis Seafood


As Gold Coast’s largest seafood outlet, Charis sells around 6 tonnes of fish per week and loads more in seafood, the kiosk can go through an astounding 150 boxes of chips per week which equates to around 800kg of chips!

Charis is a family owned and run business; Jim Stamoudis and Salvi Vinaccia are owners of the mammoth operation and bring with them over 30 years of experience in the retail and wholesale of fresh and cooked seafood. With business thriving, Jim and Salvi decided it was time to upgrade the facilities at Charis. This extended from new flooring, display cabinets through to the hard-working cooking equipment used daily to pump out the tonnes of fish and chips feeding the hungry masses.

The Garland salamanders used for grilled seafood through to the all-important Frymaster commercial deep fryers lived a productive life but were getting on with age, some up 16 years old! The fryers at the time were not fitted with any form of oil filtering system, this meant that a tedious routine of manual filtration was performed daily on every fryer, which proved to be a difficult and time consuming task that nobody liked to put their hands up for.

With the facility upgrade project underway, this was the perfect opportunity to also look into a commercial kitchen oil filtration system. Comcater’s Gold Coast representative Paul Robinson visited Charis and recommended the Frymaster Filter Magic Filtration system. Designed for safe and trouble free filtering, the system is in-built and eliminates the need for additional floor and storage space.

Charis Seafoods is now equipped with a new line up of eight Frymaster MJ1CF fryers incorporating two Frymaster Filter Magic Filtration Suites which has set up an enormous output capacity of cooking up to 360kg of fish and chips per hour.

“The filtering process is now faster, easier, quicker and more importantly, safer for the staff to use. Frequent filtering helps to improve the quality of the fried food, and maximises oil life which is critical to our bottom line,” Jim explains. “We were dumping out a monstrous amount of oil before we installed the Frymaster Filter Magic Filtration Suites, now our oil lasts longer, we’re saving on time and labour but the biggest benefit of the Filtration Suites has to be the fact that we can filter and cook at the same time.”

Tasty fresh seafood in crispy batter, cooked while you wait – it’s no wonder the locals queue up regularly to get a good dose of the seafood goodness at Charis. Contact us for all your commercial kitchen equipment and supplies.



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