Lucy Liu


Whilst Owner Michael Lambie already had several successful venues to his name before opening Lucy Liu, it was a district change of pace from his gastro pub and fine dining ventures. The risk paid off, with the move from duck parfait to duck pancakes earning the venue a string of rave reviews which has seen Lucy Liu become one of Melbourne’s must-visit restaurants for locals and tourists alike.

Aside from the menu type, the kitchen itself was a significant change for Michael who opted for an open style kitchen for Lucy Liu.

“A few years ago I was involved in a restaurant [and] when the design was set up it had an open style kitchen,” Michael explains. “It was absolutely fantastic because it kind of marries the cooking experience and the dining experience all as one. Here, people love watching the kitchen and interacting with the chefs, so I think its just really good.”

With 140 seats and serving up to 500 covers per night, Michael knew he’d need some durable, heavy duty commercial cooking equipment to handle the heat.

“When the restaurant’s busy, we need a stove that can cope with the demand,” Michael says. “I was looking for a stove that was really durable, really hard wearing. If you’re looking for something with that extra grunt, the Garland Series is built like a tank. That’s what I need, and I’ve always found the Garland Series is able to cope with the demands that my kitchen requires.”

Watch the full video interview with Michael below!




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