Mad & Måltid


Located in Horsens Municipality in Denmark, Mad & Maltid is one of four production kitchens in the community delivering fresh meals to the elderly living in both nursing homes and in their own homes. Mad & Maltid aim to create an appetite for life among elderly residents with a focus on seasonal Danish food produced sustainably.

“The most important thing for us is to create quality of life through good and well-prepared food,” Mad & Maltid Manager Anette Elise Pedersen said. “Our menus vary with focus on season and Danish food tradition, where food can be recognised and evoke memories. We cook from scratch with fresh ingredients with a great focus on ecology and sustainability.”

With tens of thousands of mouths to feed daily and only 4 kitchens providing the service, Mad & Maltid needed commercial catering equipment that would allow for large volumes of food to be produced quickly and efficiently. When designing the kitchen, they turned to Joni commercial kettles for a solution.

According to Anette, better food quality is just one of the many benefits they have experienced since introducing Joni kettles to their operation.

“The kettles with stirrers from Joni distribute the heat even in the kettle which gives a better food quality and more healthy working conditions for the staff,” Anette said. “Arms and shoulders are exposed to much less work.”

“When the kettles do the hard work we can use the time for other things. We save time and also reduce our waste of food and energy. It also has helped create a better climate in the kitchen that the staff don’t want to do without.”

Anette says she would recommend Joni to anyone as it has “a long product life, easy and quick service and access to parts guarantees a good and stable operation of the kitchen.”

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