Mr Minh



Mention the name “Minh Chu” in Melbourne’s Vietnamese dining scene and you will be hard pressed to find anybody who does not know of this larger than life character. Well respected for his knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, Minh’s latest business venture, Mister Minh, has been delighting loyal customers with its blend of traditional Vietnamese food mixed with a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

The perfect place for an after work drink, quick work lunch or weekend dinner, Minh prepares all dishes following the delicious Minh family tradition with his mother often seen on site to lend out helpful advice.

“We attended a RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® live event and found it very useful. The Chef was very knowledgeable”

Renowned for the quality and flavour of his food, Minh turned to RATIONAL to save time in the kitchen.

“We used to have many cooks in the kitchen and time management was always an issue. With the RATIONAL units we have made cooking in the kitchen easier and better. We save a lot of time and don’t need as many cooks which also saves us money”.

“We can steam around 30 kg of rice per day. Without RATIONAL, we couldn’t make that happen”.

Consistent food is also a key challenge for Minh. As one the top rated performers on Uber Eats, Minh has had to expand his operation to include an independent production kitchen to cope exclusively with the demand of the home delivery market.

“It is important that we maintain the same quality and standard of our food, regardless if the customer is dining in our restaurant or ordering home delivery. RATIONAL allows us to do this”.




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