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Blast Chillers

Revolutionary new pieces of commercial kitchen equipment don't come along all that often, but the blast chiller is undoubtedly an exception. Despite being a relatively recent invention, blast chillers are becoming more and more popular across Australia, providing new and more efficient ways to rapidly cool produce.

Designed to rapidly reduce the temperature of any produce placed inside them, blast chillers can be used in a variety of different ways to achieve unique results. From standard chilling, through to more creative applications such as baking, the right unit can add versatility to an commercial kitchen, while also saving money and maintaining the highest possible quality of produce.

The basics of blast chillers
In terms of what most users are typically looking to use their blast chillers for, the basic goal is to extend the shelf life of a given product. The rapid cooling, chilling and freezing that comes with a blast chiller produces a range of different results, all of which can keep food in its optimal state for far longer than other preservation methods.

For example, blast chillers shorten the amount of time that food spends in the 'danger zone' when being cooled. This is when produce is most susceptible to bacteria or spoilage, and ensuring that safe storage temperatures are reached as quickly as possible greatly increases the ability to store food for long periods of time safely. Similarly, blast chillers reduce food shrinkage through moisture loss, and can help kitchens to keep any ingredients they may need close at hand in the event of a particularly busy service.
All of these factors combine to mean that businesses with a blast chiller can buy in bulk, but still have the peace of mind that none of their purchases will go bad if not used for longer periods of time. This results in a healthier bottom line (with buying in bulk almost always being more cost-effective), and can rapidly speed up meal production thanks to pre-prepared portions.

Comcater supplies Tecnomac blast chillers, which are suitable for just about any blast chilling application imaginable.

Blast chillers from Tecnomac
Tecnomac provides a broad range of blast chillers that are tried and tested. Despite being a relatively young technology compared to other appliances you'd expect to see in a commercial kitchen, these characteristics have quickly become the benchmark for all blast chillers. From a production perspective, Tecnomac is widely regarded as among the most efficient units available, thanks to the unique way that air moves within the cabinet. This is critical for getting produce down to safe storage temperatures without expending obscene amounts of energy.

In terms of who can use a blast chiller, there really are no rules. In fact, here at Comcater we've supplied Tecnomac units to everybody from small cafes through to food manufacturers. Everybody can benefit from a blast chiller, but that doesn't mean that every unit will be suitable for every business. For this reason, the Tecnomac range is absolutely huge, with different types of chillers to serve any and every need.

In general, though, our most popular blast chiller here at Comcater is the Tecnomac E520-USB, which we like to pair with a Rational combi oven. This marriage helps to create an incredibly productive workflow, where meals can be fully or partially prepared in the combi before being rapidly chilled in the Tecnomac which sits below the oven. This style of operation means that entire menus can be cooked in advance, significantly reducing the amount of work that needs to be done during service.

Ultimately, the right blast chiller can add so much to a commercial kitchen's workflow, and options from Tecnomac are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. To find out more, get in touch with Comcater today.

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Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - BK516

Black Kube w/ 5 tray capacity. 240/50/1
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E1035-USB

Easy Chill w/ 10 tray capacity. Includes USB. 415/50/1
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E15270-USB

* Easy Chill w/ 30 tray capacity. Includes USB. 415/50/3
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E1540-USB

Easy Chill w/ 15 tray capacity. Includes USB. 415/50/3
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E1565-USB

Easy Chill w/ 15 tray capacity. Includes USB. 415/50/3
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E20110RE-USB

* Tecnomac Remote Blast Chiller-Freezer With Usb. 110Kg/95Kg
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E2080-USB

Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E2080RE-USB

* Tecnomac Remote Blast Chiller/Freezer. 80Kg/65Kg. Trolley Model. 415/50/3N
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - E520-USB

Easy Chill w/ 5 tray capacity. Includes USB. 240/50/1
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - MT2

* Tecnomac Tunnel Blast Chiller/Freezer. 2 X Gn2/1. 2 X 600Mm X 600Mm. 415/50/3N
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - MT3

* Tecnomac Tunnel Blast Chiller/Freezer. 3 X Gn2/1. 3 X 600Mm X 600Mm. 415/50/3N
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - MT4

* Tecnomac Tunnel Blast Chiller/Freezer. 4X Gn2/1. 4X 600X600Mm. 810Kg Chill. 74
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - MT5

* Tecnomac Tunnel Blast Chiller/Freezer. 5 X Gn2/1. 5 X 600X600Mm.1000Kg Chill. 93
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - MT6

* Tecnomac Tunnel Blast Chiller/Freezer. 6X Gn2/1. 6X 600X600Mm.1230Kg Chill.112
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T20R110-USB

T20-R/110 Chill Rapid w/ 1Rational 201 trolley capacity. Inc.remote condensing unit.Right hinged doo
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T20R80-USB

T20-R/80 Chill Rapid w/ 1 Rational 201 trolley capacity.Inc.remote condensing unit.Right hinged door
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T30110-USB

* Tecnomac T30 / 110 Remote Blast Chiller-Freezer With Usb. 110Kg/95Kg
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T30140-USB

* Tecnomac T30 - 140 REMOTE Blast Chiller-Freezer with USB
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T40150-USB

* Tecnomac T40 / 150 Remote Blast Chiller-Freezer With Usb. 150Kg/135Kg
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T40200-USB

* Tecnomac T40 REMOTE Blast Chiller-Freezer CABINET ONLY with USB
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T50270-USB

* Tecnomac T50 / 270 with USB. Incl. remote condensing unit. 415/50/3
Tecnomac -

Tecnomac - T50400-USB

T50/400 * Tecnomac 2 x GN 2/1 or 2 x SCC201 OR SCC202 trolley capacity. Incl.remote condensing unit.
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