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Commercial Dishwashers

While commercial cooking appliances may get all of the limelight, they certainly aren't the only pieces of equipment that are critical to the smooth running of a kitchen. You can't run a great cafe or restaurant without sparkling clean dishes and glasses, along with a high standard of hygiene.

That's where top notch commercial dishwashers come in. Here at Comcater, we take cleaning seriously, which is why we supply Australian kitchens with a range of different machines that provide a solution perfect for any work environment. From large rack conveyors through to smaller under bench units, there's no reason why a culinary business of any size shouldn't have access to perfectly clean glassware and dishes.

Commercial dishwashers
So what should business owners be looking for in a commercial dishwasher? Well, first and foremost there's the quality of clean. You need a product that is going to ensure consistently high performance during even the busiest times of service. The last thing you want to do is send out a plate that hasn't been properly washed - doing so could have a significantly negative impact on your establishment's reputation. Reliability and robustness are important as part of this, providing the peace of mind that your dishwasher is going to be up to the task of operating for long hours without any issues.

There's more to choosing a dishwasher than just focusing on quality, though, with operating costs and simplicity of use also essential considerations. With a significant use of water and high energy requirements, dishwashers can be among the most expensive pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to run, making efficiency a key priority. Similarly, while there are plenty of hyper-advanced dishwashers out there, you should be looking for one that is simple to use and won't require special training to operate.

To fulfil all of these different requirements, business owners should be looking at dishwashers from Comenda.

Comenda from Comcater

Comenda's products are designed with simplicity of use in mind. There are less components to potentially fail and fewer things that could go wrong. All of this combines to give great quality dishwashers that can simply get on with the job at hand. This type of unit has traditionally been most at home in the world of restaurants and cafes, where there simply isn't enough time or enough staff to be worried about complex washing systems. That's changing though, with Comenda now focusing more heavily on fully automated advanced rack conveyor washers, in addition to the standard offerings.

The brand is regarded as reliable, efficient and sturdy, but without sacrificing the quality of a great wash. A big part of the appeal is the lower running costs when compared to other brands - accomplished through the ECO2 system. This uses less water and less energy, providing benefits both to the environment and the bottom line of your business. Water usage in particular is one of the biggest topics of discussion in the commercial cooking sector, and Comenda presents a way to operate responsibly - both environmentally and fiscally.

Another key benefit of the Comenda brand is the wide variety of different washers that are available. Not every kitchen will require a rack conveyor unit, and may need something a little smaller. For bars, pubs and clubs, something from the under bench range is ideal, while larger restaurants may need a more traditional pass through unit.

No matter the specific needs of your business, Comenda have a washing solution that can streamline your workflows, produce a high quality of clean and save you money while protecting the environment.

To find out more or see a Comenda washer in action, contact Comcater today.

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