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If you're looking for the very best in versatility and pure cooking power from your commercial kitchen and chef equipment, then it's absolutely imperative that you have the right grilling appliances as part of your fit-out. Not only are these pieces of equipment able to prepare an enormous variety of different meals, but they can also do so in a short time frame, or even with multiple meals at once if you've got a big enough surface. From full breakfasts to sumptuous desserts, a grill can do it all.

There are a few different types of grills that are worth considering for any chef or culinary business owner. Each comes with its own unique benefits, and within the various categories Comcater provides a wide variety of options that are sure to suit each and every kitchen.

Let's get ready to grill
For any restaurant looking to add a high quality grill or upgrade an outdated one, there are several factors worth considering. Chief amongst these is durability - the hallmark of any good kitchen equipment but especially in the case of these higher volume tools. Because you can do so much with a grill, it can be easy for cheaper or less rugged models to break down over time and stop providing the high quality result that you need.

That's why Comcater's flagship brand for grills is Garland, well known for its heavy duty construction and impressive performance over long time periods. Within the industry, Garland is considered a benchmark for robust grills and ranges, and that toughness is accentuated by high production output and patented star fire burners. These burners focus the heat far more than donut style versions, ensuring a consistent temperature across the entire surface.

As well as Garland, Comcater also supplies grills from Trueheat and Mareno, each of which provide a few points of difference to make them a great grilling option. Trueheat grills are designed with Australian kitchens in mind, and feature mix-n-match range tops and modular design for immense flexibility. Mareno's Italian-made cooking equipment offers a stylish option, ideal for open kitchens or any restaurant looking to sprinkle some pizazz throughout their business.


Grills and griddles: The ultimate in versatility
When you think of a grill, chances are that you'll picture the classic and powerful griddle plate. The truth is though, that while the basic form has remained the same for a while, every new iteration brings a process of refinement and improvement that results in the equipment becoming better and better.

For example, thicker grilling surfaces result in better heat retention and less energy expenditure, while advancements in burner technology allows for precise heat distribution across the entire plate without any hotter or colder spots. Grills from Garland, Trueheat and Mareno all boast these innovative new features, providing the very best in modern grilling. And because every kitchen is different, there are plenty of different sizes and styles available to ensure the uniformity and aesthetics of your kitchen is maintained.

Salamanders: A new twist
Slightly newer than the grill but still highly respected and established within the industry are salamanders. Don't be fooled by the quirky name though, everybody who's used one in a commercial kitchen knows how useful they can be in a broad range of different uses.

As with their griddle cousins, salamanders for commercial kitchens need to be rugged and able to provide the most heat possible at an efficient cost. There's also the issue of convenience, with models able to be mounted to walls or countertops for space saving functionality.

Char broilers: For a classic flavour
Finally, there are char broilers - for when you absolutely have to have that flame-grilled taste and want to be able to do it inside a commercial kitchen. These units have sometimes been considered difficult to justify due to the large amount of energy or fuel they need to operate properly. Fortunately, new technology from the likes of Garland, Trueheat and Mareno means that you can char broil without fear - thanks to greater efficiency and increased productivity.

For more information on all of our grilling options, get in touch with Comcater today.

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Char Broiler

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