The Tecnomac E2080-USB Blast Chiller/Freezer for commercial use is the perfect entry level trolley supported unit for large restaurants, production bakeries, hotels, hospitals, schools, food
producers, government institutions, CPK and function centres wanting to optimise their labour resources and efficiency whilst ensuring large quantities of food are chilled at perfectly kept temperatures. With its cutting edge Italian design and backed by a two year parts and labour warranty, let Tecnomac revolutionise your business today!

SKU: E2080-USB
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  • Up to 80kg chilled in 90 mins, 65kg frozen in 240 mins with soft/hard chilling and freezing options
  • Unit fits trolley capacity of 1 combi steamer GN 1/1 or GN 2/1 or 600x800mm
  • Built in USB drive for HACCP data download plus comes with 99 user defined programs
  • Features a reversible door, integrated condensing unit, in-built evaporator fan & external ramp
  • Two year parts and labour warranty


  • USB drive & user defined programs ensures food is preserved at consistently safe temperatures
  • Core probe automatically controls the length of the blast chilling cycle for maximum efficiency
  • Filter allows quick cleaning, high efficiency, low power consumption and cheaper maintenance
  • Evaporator fan blades manufactured from lightweight resin for high efficiency, low noise and no corrosion
  • Drastically reduces food waste, increases efficiency, and allows for fresh out of season produce