Comenda’s AC2 series rack conveyor commercial dishwashers are efficient and compact while offering reliability, durability and delivering the best in technological evolution. The AC2-HDLR is the first of its kind in the market; washing and rinsing up to 150 racks per hour whilst ensuring optimum water consumption and reducing the use of chemicals and energy consumption for added sustainability.

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  • Electro mechanical control panel at the top of machine
  • Emergency Overide (EOR - key activated to bypass circuit board)
  • Durable stainless steel wash and self supporting stainless rinse arms
  • Stainless steel filters, rinse column and tank fill spout
  • Door wipe seal for constant cleaning inside


  • Output of 100 - 150 racks per hour using P5 prewash zone for greater efficiency
  • Deep drawn tank, self-draining pump and raised feet guarantee maximum hygiene
  • Durable mechanics and construction details provide high quality safety features
  • Heavy duty design offering reliability and durability for prolonged machine life
  • 2 Years parts and 1 year labour warranty