The MIBRASA® Robatayaki RM is a multi-tier open charcoal grill equipped with accessories to perform a range of cooking techniques using grills, Teppanyaki hot plates or skewers. With 3-tier cooking capabilities including grills, griddles and skewers, the chef is provided with an all in one solution for their every grilling need. Originating from the Japanese tea ceremony, the evolution of the Robatayaki has brought it into the modern day kitchen, where chefs prepare anything from meat, fish, seafood and vegetables and display their showmanship in front of diners allowing them to take part in the entire cooking experience.

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  • 3-tier cooking
  • Ventilation circuit with longitudinal openings
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Interior ceramic insulation
  • 603 x 250mm cooking surface


  • Excite your diners by allowing them to be a part of the cooking process
  • Ventilation circuit helps provide air flow
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Coals last longer as its harder for the heat to escape, meaning greater efficiencies
  • A variety of sizes is available to suit any sized kitchen