Formerly referred to as the FPP245, Frymaster’s FootPrint® PRO Filtration System features 2 x MJ150 fryers and is designed to extend the useful life of oil, while ensuring quality fried products. The FMJ250 It is engineered with features that allow convenient use, easier servicing and the ability to use three different filter mediums with one pan, saving time, space and labour whilst extending the life of your oil.

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  • 2 x MJ150 fryers, 50L total oil capacity, available in natural or LP gas
  • Comes standard with twin baskets, supports and hanger, legs, flue deflector and cover
  • 1/3 H.P. motor, 2 x 110mJ gas rating
  • Dimensions: 794W x 801D x 1211H mm
  • Optional computer controller with 6 programmable cook-time buttons and a countdown timer


  • Can produce up to 72kg of frozen chips per hour, specifically designed for high volume frying
  • 1° accurate thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot
  • Filter 25L of oil in 3 minutes while other fryer continues to cook, no loss in productivity
  • Utilises gravity to drain oil into the filter pan leaving drain lines free of residual oil
  • Saves on space, easy to clean and drastically reduces your oil costs