• RCB6-NG


The new Trueheat RC Series Infrared Barbecue was specifically designed by a team of professionals to engineer the ultimate commercial barbecue for the Australian café and restaurant market. With accelerated heating capabilities allowing for the barbecue to be fully heated in 20 minutes, fire up your menu with Trueheat today!

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  • Premium infrared technology
  • Stainless baffles glow when heated
  • Cast iron burners and high grade stainless steel hoods
  • Available in 400, 600 and 900mm widths
  • Fully range matched (including height) with Trueheat RC Series


  • Accelerated heating compared to radiant barbcue, unit is fully heated in 20 minutes
  • Provides even distributed heat around the perimeter of the barbecue with minimal temperature loss
  • High quality components for longevity
  • More sizes available for greater flexibility
  • Create a unified design throughout your kitchen line-up