The PureVac PREMIER1635ACS with Advanced Control System (ACS) offers the ultimate in vacuum sealing technology all incorporated as standard in the one unit. Featuring Busch vacuum pumps, world leaders in vacuum pump technology, 20 personalised programs including dedicated red meat, marinating and tenderising programs and HACCP compatibility, you can now do far more than just sealing produce with PureVac.

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  • Stainless steel housing & deep-drawn vacuum chamber with insert plates for adjusting chamber height
  • Easy to use 4.7 inch full colour LCD screen
  • 20 personalised programs that can be saved to ensure consistent results everytime
  • Red meat, marinating, tenderising, sequential and external vacuum settings as standard
  • Market leading warranty covers both parts and labour for 24 months


  • Intuitive liquid control ensures products arent boiled, no moisture loss or exploding bags
  • HACCP compliance guaranteed with service reminders and USB data extraction and software updates
  • Ensure longevity of unit with digital maintenance program and free service kit for user maintenance
  • Achieve intense marinating quickly whilst ensuring structural integrity of meat
  • Tenderising function allows you to lacerate the cell structure of meat for maximum tenderisation