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Aged Care Food Service Trends in 2021

May 11, 2021

Covid, the Aged Care Quality Standards and the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) have changed the way our aged care residents dine, and for the better. Instead of being an aged care provider, chefs are now cooking meals for consenting consumers, who have a say in their meal choice. So, how can your kitchen […]

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What makes a great aged care menu?

Aged care menus have changed a lot in the last five years. With the latest Royal Commission into Aged Care, Aged Care Quality Standards and the implementation of the IDDSI Framework, chefs in aged care have done a great job just trying to keep up. With the daily challenges of keeping to budget and restricting […]

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How to best store food in a commercial kitchen?

April 29, 2021

Nothing sends a chill through a commercial kitchen like a bout of food poisoning. Salmonella or E.coli not only makes us sick but can damage the reputation, brand and customer base of your establishment.   Why is commercial food storage so important? There’s more to keeping hot food hot and cold food cold. Preventing food […]

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Going Green with Comenda…

January 12, 2021

Taking a proactive approach when shopping for a new commercial dishwasher can not only have a strong impact to the business’s bottom line but also its environmental footprint.  We all know that sustainability, automation and cost control are key issues within commercial catering establishments and Comenda are leading the charge by developing energy efficient, powerful […]

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Introducing the iVario Pro…

November 5, 2020

iVario Pro by RATIONAL. The new performance class for the professional kitchen. The iVario Pro sets new standards for the professional kitchen. The cooking system, which works with contact heat, impresses with intelligent functions and consumes 40% less energy than conventional bratt pans and kettles. Although connected loads have been reduced compared to the predecessor […]

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Prepare Your Restaurant for a Safe Reopening (with FREE Reopening Checklist!)

October 27, 2020

As COVID restrictions ease and restaurants prepare to resume operations there are many factors which were once the norm that will need to be reconsidered and altered. We have prepared an easy-to-follow Reopening Checklist focusing on health and safety inside your restaurant, as well as some additional measures that may need to be implemented if […]

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