90 second service with the Menumaster MXP

The Menumaster MXP cooks up to 15 times faster than conventional cooking methods, allowing quick service venues the ability to cook to order, minimise waste and reduce customer waiting times.

The unparalleled high speed of the MXP not only allows for the diversification of a hot food offering, but offers operators the comfort of knowing that food will be cooked consistently each and every time, with all frozen food heated to the core in seconds.

But how does the MXP work?

Combining convection, infrared and microwave cooking capabilities, the MXP browns, bakes and crisps like any other convection oven, but with the speed of a microwave and consistency of advanced infrared technology. Moreover, the MXP requires no ventilation hoods and stores up to 360 pre-programmed menu items for foolproof cooking across several locations.

Not only is the Menumaster range completely stackable and designed with quick service foodservice operators in mind, but is the ONLY brand of Commercial Microwaves in Australia that offer onsite service.

What do our customers say?

“Prior to the Menumaster MXP, we had microwaves in each store to heat muffins, Buzz Balls and croissants. Imagine the difference in product quality between a croissant prepared in a microwave and one toasted in a convection oven. Needless to say, today our ham and cheese croissants are by far our most popular food item.”

Elliot Woods, National Marketing Manager, Muzz Buzz

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