A sneak peek into Sneakies Kitchen

Sneakies Kitchen in Sydney’s Homebush serve burgers, pasta and pizza fast and fresh. They have a strong local following amongst the Western Sydney crowd. Most days, the restaurant can go from being quiet to 50 hungry regulars within 20 minutes. On Friday nights Sneakies can do between 300 to 400 covers.


Toasted burger buns, crispy chips and succulent meat patties are standard on their most popular menu items. Their popular Big Baz hamburger comes with a double Wagyu beef, double American cheese, lettuce, jumbo pickles, tomato, onions and Sneakies Sauce on their Signature Bun.

Sneakies Lovers of Meat Pizza features house made pizza sauce, ham, pepperoni, turkey rashers, ground beef, sujuk and is topped with smokey BBQ sauce (All Fettayleh).

Sneaky Baz is the owner of Sneakies Kitchen. His biggest challenge was providing food fast during a sudden rush. Catering to large numbers quickly with conventional commercial kitchen equipment was difficult while maintaining a high quality of service and quality.

“With the kitchen upgrade, we’ve nailed it now,” says Baz.

After meeting with Comcater and trying out the different recommended brands, Baz decided to fit out Sneakies with a Garland Express, Frymaster fryer and a Merco holding unit.

Working with Comcater, Baz found the Garland Express Grill perfect for grilling meat patties and toasting burger buns in batches, saving him time and labour.

“I went from cooking conventional burger patties in 8 minutes to a run of 16 in under 90 seconds,” he says.

The Garland Express was essential when staff numbers were low on a busy Friday night.

“Having the Garland meant we could get over the line. We would have done over 200 covers that night. We couldn’t have done it with conventional equipment.”


Once the batches are cooked, they’re held in the Merco holding units hot, fresh and ready to be assembled. Food is kept at a safe temperature, and quality is maintained. Meat is kept moist and buns stay crisp.

“Once your buns are cooked, you can start building your burgers. Pull the meat or chicken out of the Merco, make your burgers and you’re on your way.”

Baz found meals were more consistent and maintained their quality using the new equipment. Staff training went from three to four weeks down to only one.

“Consistency is very important. It’s probably one of the biggest factors in this business. Trying to get the same consistency out of everyone is very hard. The Garland express takes the thinking away from that. Everything is pre-programmed.”

Another essential piece of commercial kitchen equipment crucial to Sneakies’ success is the Frymaster deep fryer. Chips come with most meals at Sneakies, so they need to come out crisp and fast.

The Frymaster keeps up with orders because, unlike conventional deep fryers, the oil doesn’t drop its temperature. Sneakies typically place four baskets of chips in the Frymaster at a time without waiting for the oil temperature to recover. In the past, this slowed them down.

 “The Frymaster doesn’t lose temperature. It’s recovering as you cook.”

Frymaster’s self-filtration saves Sneakies time and oil. It also reduces OH&S issues. In the past, staff risked burns carrying hot oil.


Baz finds the three pieces of equipment work well together. They improve staff and food safety and keep the fast pace his customers have come to expect.

“We do a lot of takeaways for UBER EATS and Menulog and we’re quite popular in the area as well. Since we installed the Garland and the Frymaster, we now no longer put the delivery partners on hold. Even during peak service, we’re still servicing our customers who order through the platforms.”

Baz realises it would be hard to deliver the service and quality Sneakies provides with conventional equipment. Partnering with Comcater has helped Sneakies get to where it is today.

Baz says, “The equipment makes our life a lot easier in the kitchen.”


When planning your next kitchen renovation, speak to Comcater about how we can improve the consistency, safety and speed in your commercial kitchen.


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