Are blast chillers still important over the winter?

We are now at the end of another hot summer in Australia, with temperatures pretty mild across the country. There’s no doubt that many restaurants and cafes got good use out of their blast chillers to keep food cool and ensure safe storage.

However, since we are nearing the coldest months of the year, are blast chillers still a vital part of the commercial kitchen equipment? In this article, we’ll highlight a few of the ways that blast chillers can add value to your kitchen over this period.

The ‘danger zone’ doesn’t change over seasons

Your kitchen staff are probably well-versed in the danger zone theory. Potentially hazardous foods such as raw meats, dairy products and seafood need to kept either below 5 degrees Celsius or above 60 degrees Celsius, according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand.


Blast chillers ensure food spends little time in the danger zone.

The longer food is held between 5 and 60 degrees Celsius, the higher the risk of food-poisoning bacteria multiplying to dangerous levels.

No matter the season, blast chillers shorten this danger zone duration by rapidly cooling food. Despite the conditions being colder in winter, it’s still vital to adhere to basic food hygiene practices – especially inside the hot kitchen environment where the internal temperature of food doesn’t change.

Buying in bulk over the ‘quieter’ winter season

During the 2016 calendar year, tourists visiting Australia spent an amazing $11.5 billion on food, drink and accommodation, based on statistics from the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association. This represents a solid increase in 2015 and highlights the reputation of our restaurants and cafes.

This also means an end to the traditionally ‘quieter’ winter season where restaurants would be forced to order less food to avoid wastage. This winter, use blast chillers to keep food bought in bulk up to the highest standard possible. With more customers coming through your doors during winter, you’re able rapidly to speed up meal production, improve seasonality and increase quality with blast chillers.

Since blast chillers reduce food shrinkage through moisture loss, if your restaurant suddenly gets busy, you have all the necessary ingredients to deliver a memorable dish to your guests.

Blast chillers from Tecnomac

The TECNOMAC – V5-20 is one of our most popular models.

If your kitchen is looking for a blast chiller that has had proven success around the world, there is no going past Tecnomac. No matter the size of your operation, there is a blast chiller perfect for your needs. For smaller establishments, we recommend the Tecnomac V5-20-USB.

To find out more about which blast chiller is best for you, feel free to fill in our form.

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