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How to create a sustainable restaurant menu

August 25, 2022

Aussies are more environmentally aware than ever before. So much so that they are willing to dine in favour of the planet. Restaurants can capitalise on this while doing their part for sustainability.    What is an eco-friendly menu? An eco-friendly menu minimises the negative effect your cooking has on the environment. Consider the distance […]

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5 ways to maximise your commercial kitchen storage

August 23, 2022

Efficient, strong shelving can revolutionise your commercial kitchen. Don’t put up with wasted, forgotten food at the back of shelves. Sufficient airflow reduces mould and extends the life of your dry goods. Great organisation can keep food off the floor and easily accessed. Stop wasting time looking for that essential ingredient. Camshelving, by the masters […]

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Feed the family with Red Roosters

August 19, 2022

Red Roosters is an Australian institution. The fast-food chain has been serving roast chicken and chips for over 50 years. These days, they have 360 franchises and stores in every state except Tasmania. Over the years Red Rooster has progressively changed up the menu to keep up with changing Aussie palate. “As the brand comes […]

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Feast with the crew at Sneakies Kitchen

Sneakies Kitchen in Sydney’s Homebush serve burgers, pasta and pizza fast and fresh. They have a strong local following amongst the Western Sydney crowd. Most days, the restaurant can go from being quiet to 50 hungry regulars within 20 minutes. On Friday nights Sneakies can do between 300 to 400 covers. Toasted burger buns, crispy […]

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Sustainable commercial kitchen equipment

August 18, 2022

Cooking sustainably is not only good for the environment. Eco-friendly commercial cooking appliances save time, money and labour. Smart appliances in fast food restaurants are saving on the cost of oil through advanced filtration methods. Dishwashers in aged care facilities are saving water and detergent. Restaurants are saving on labour with pre-programmed smart ovens.   […]

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Brisbane’s slice of Italy – Olive and Angelo’s

August 17, 2022

Olive and Angelo’s is an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of sunny Brisbane. Parsley, rosemary and chilies grow in their garden courtyard amongst the 140 seated patrons. They rely on quality, fresh ingredients for their seasonal menu. Pizzas are cooked in the traditional Neapolitan style, with the dough aged for a minimum of 48 […]

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What do the world’s best insulated pizza bags have in common?

August 16, 2022

Pizzas from Milan to Melbourne have one thing in common. They get delivered. That means pizzerias need bags that lock in flavour while keeping that fresh oven aroma and crispy crust. Not only does the pizza need to taste like it just left a piping hot oven, but the bag needs to be lightweight, durable […]

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The ultimate food storage guide to holding and transport

August 11, 2022

Your food is only as good as your ingredients. And, your ingredients are only as good as your supplier, transport and storage. From receiving to delivery, proper food handling is crucial in reducing cross-contamination and keeping your food fresh.   The best ways to keep food safe and fresh during holding and transport Your choice […]

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How to improve food safety in your commercial kitchen

August 2, 2022

Food poisoning is a constant threat for the food service industry. An outbreak from poor hygiene or food handling can close down establishments. There were 9497 cases of food poisoning linked to food and retail businesses between 2010 and 2017 around Australia. Even more worryingly, 1914 people were so ill they needed to go to […]

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How hotels are saving water, time and money with the Camrack 4-In-1 System

July 26, 2022

With Australia swinging between floods and drought, the hotel industry can easily find ways to save water. Especially in the kitchen. According to the City of Melbourne, the average medium to large hotel uses 301 litres of water per room, or to put it another way, 29 Olympic pools of water each year. Saving water […]

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