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How to bake the best Hot Cross Buns in your RATIONAL

RATIONAL Chef Peter Kelly gives you his secret recipe for making the most eggcellent (see what we did there?) Hot Cross Buns in your RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®!

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Use speed ovens to produce high-quality food.

What are the technical advantages of Menumaster’s speed ovens?

Speed ovens are able to add value to kitchens both small and large. What technical specifications should you know about before investing?

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Add pebble ice to cool smoothies down quickly.

What are the benefits of pebble ice?

Pebble ice is useful in a range of applications in the kitchen environment. This includes in cocktails, smoothies, frappes and other drinks.

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MIBRASA Sydney Launch 2016 017

4 recipes that showcase the Mibrasa range’s talents

The Mibrasa range of charcoal ovens is the perfect addition to any restaurant. Here is a snapshot of its capabilities in the kitchen.

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Ice caddies are a valuable piece of equipment.

What is an ice caddy?

Ice is a valuable part off-site operations for commercial cooking businesses. Read on to find out how ice caddies can support these efforts.

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Produce beautiful dips, sauces and purees with a top blender.

What can a VITAMIX food blender do for your restaurant?

One of the more underrated parts of the kitchen family is the food blender. Let’s learn more with the VITAMIX range in focus.

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Serve quick and tasty food for your customers.

Speed ovens – bringing new pace to the kitchen

Speed ovens are all about delivering great food in a short amount of time. However, there are other advantages of having this piece of cooking equipment.

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Produce great dishes with a great Mibrasa oven.

What makes Mibrasa the best charcoal oven on the market?

From gourmet burger joints to 3-star-Michelin restaurants, the Mibrasa range of charcoal ovens delivers consistent and accurate food.

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Best Ever Blueberry Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

  If there’s one thing us Aussie’s are good at, it’s making up holidays. And today just happens to be Pancake Day (an actual thing, apparently), so in true blue style we’re celebrating this momentous day and serving up our best ever blueberry pancakes!

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BendiGo Wholefoods: the kitchen of the future

Bendigo is definitely reinventing itself; food is the new gold and locals and visitors alike are flocking to the former goldfields to enjoy the gourmet treats on offer. Housed in a century-old brick building, BendiGo Wholefoods is at the forefront of the Bendigo region’s food revolution. This quirky community food store that strives for old…

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