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Fish and chips is one of Australia's favourite takeaway options.

What fish is best for deep frying?

Fish and chips is an Australian takeaway favourite. So, if you’re thinking about adopting this dish what type of fish is best?

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Onion rings are a great addition as a side or stand alone menu option.

How to cook the perfect onion ring

Although onion rings aren’t as popular as their French fry cousins, there is still a lot of merit in restaurants and cafes jumping on this trend.

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Fried vegetables could be good for your health.

What are the benefits of deep frying food?

Deep fryers take a hit as people automatically think that everything they produce is unhealthy. But is deep fried food as unhealthy as we assume?

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Store all food safely this winter with blast chillers.

Are blast chillers still important over the winter?

Blast chillers might sound like something that are solely for summer, but their benefits stretch over the winter period as well. Read on to find out why.

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Experiment with different foods in your Frymaster.

3 unusual foods you have to try in your Frymaster

Everyone knows that deep fryers are perfect for fish, chips and chicken. What other foods can be deep fried and transformed into an exciting addition to your menu?

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Good ice cream is made with the finest ingredients and equipment.

How to create the best ice cream in town

Ice cream is more than just a summer treat. To produce ice cream of the highest quality, you need the right equipment and inside knowledge!

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Roasts are perfect for a winter menu.

Get your winter roast on with a SelfCookingCenter®

Roasts are an Australian institution. Add a range onto your restaurant menu with the help of SelfCookingCenter® combi ovens from RATIONAL.

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Use energy efficient deep fryers in your restaurant or cafe.

Tips for buying an energy-efficient deep fryer

Restaurants and cafes use a lot of power, but there are productive ways to reduce this. One good option is investing in energy-efficient products.

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think small

When Bigger Isn’t Better

In today’s restaurant environment, the old adage “bigger is better” no longer holds true. As savvy operators look at ways of increasing covers and getting more bums on seats, reducing the size of your kitchen footprint could add thousands to your bottom line.

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RATIONAL proves size doesn’t matter with the launch of the new XS unit

Always wanted a combi oven but don’t have adequate space or funds?  RATIONAL’s newest product introduction could change all of that and much, much more.

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