Domestic VS Commercial Microwaves: what is best for your business?

Everything you need to know about buying a microwave for your commercial kitchen.

The following is a simple guide to understanding the key differences between commercial and domestic microwaves and how to decide which is best for your business.

Maximum Usage

Domestic microwave ovens have been designed for the home cook in mind, with recommended usage of 3-5 times per day. Commercial microwave ovens are built to withstand the long and arduous hours of the commercial kitchen. Menumaster has a wide range of commercial microwave ovens available and can be used 200+ times per day.

No Turntables

Commercial microwave ovens differ from domestic microwave ovens as they use a stirrer system to evenly distribute the microwave energy throughout the cavity. Rather than move the food around with a turntable, the energy is distributed throughout the whole cavity, which results in a more even and faster cooking process.

Easy to Clean

In order to meet the highest food & safety standards, microwave ovens need to be regularly cleaned. Menumaster commercial microwave ovens feature a stainless steel interior and exterior which resists breaking down and makes cleaning much easier and faster.

Simplified Controls

Domestic microwave ovens feature small buttons and need to be programmed prior to use. Menumaster commercial microwave ovens feature a sleek and streamline control panel with large buttons and icons, making them easy to read and operate.

Warranty & Servicing

Domestic microwave ovens come with a limited warranty and may not be covered by insurance and comply with the safety standards. Menumaster commercial microwaves are fully compliant and offer a 12 months parts and labour warranty plus additional 2 years parts warranty on PCB and Magnetrons.

The Final Knockout

If your Menumaster microwave requires service or repair throughout the warranty period, a Comcater technician will personally visit your site, providing assessment and service where possible. No longer do you need to worry about the costly return of units for repair. Available for customers within 50kms of an authorised service partner.

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