[FREE GUIDE] 8 Ways using Cook & Hold Ovens that might surprise you

If you’re keeping up with the hottest trends in food in recent years, you’ll know that we’ve been stealing from our foreign friends for years.

Asian fusion, burgers, and brioche buns were just the beginning. Now, it’s all about American barbeque, with the low and slow style of cooking becoming a staple in menus across the country.

As the demand for slow-cooked spare ribs, brisket and pulled pork grows, as too will the demand for commercial cooking equipment capable of supporting this style of cooking. Thankfully for operators this equipment is readily available, with Cook and Hold ovens being the perfect solution for cooking at low temperatures for long periods of time without the fear of losing moisture or flavour.

But delicious American barbeque isn’t the only thing that can be produced in a Cook and Hold oven; in fact, these ovens are one of the most versatile and underutilised pieces of cooking equipment out there. Make your own Yoghurt? Tempered Chocolate? Yes, with low and slow cooking techniques these are all possible in a Cook and Hold.

To discover more surprising ways to cook with Cook and Hold ovens, we’ve released a free guide for you to enjoy!


Here’s what you’ll find inside the guide:

  • A look at the science behind a Cook and Hold oven
  • The economic benefits of utilising a Cook and Hold oven
  • 8 recipes for you to try out for yourself
  • PLUS a free smoking guide so you can master the art of American barbeque

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