How to choose he best ice for your business [INFOGRAPHIC]

In an excerpt from the New York Times Best Seller ‘Contagious: Why things catch on‘, by marketing professional Jonah Berger, Berger explains to get attention for your product or service, you need something that cuts through the clutter and shows rather than tells.

The example he uses to explain this is the bar Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company. An unusual name for a bar you might say, but in the late 1920’s it served as the largest alcohol ring in the US. Today, it is renowned for its artisan cocktails and spirits served with three different ice types.

Why would you need three types of ice? Well, people who care about craftsman drinks care a lot about ice! Different types of ice melt at different rates, so having the right ice is key to creating the optimum drinking experience.

You see the three types of ice carries the Franklin & Co. message better than any advertising ever could. The message to your customers becomes not just “we’re committed to handcrafted drinks,” but “we’re so committed to handcrafted drinks that no detail goes unnoticed – even the ice”.

While we aren’t suggesting you need three types of ice, choosing the right ice for your business is important and doesn’t go unnoticed by the savvy customer.

Check out our handy infographic to help you choose the perfect ice for your business!

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