How to ensure a long life for your commercial glasswasher

While all commercial cooking equipment takes a bit of a beating during regular service, there aren’t many machines that have it tougher than the humble glasswasher

We all know how important these appliances are, and that’s especially true over the busy Christmas and New Year period when more people are eating out and the beverages are flowing festively.

To ensure a long life span for your glasswasher, there are a few crucial elements that you should be keeping in mind.

When you weight up the fact that a better-made washer will often last twice as long, it makes more sense to go for quality from the outset.

Invest in a quality unit

The first and perhaps most critical step in maintaining your kitchen appliances for the long term is to invest in a highly regarded brand. It might seem tempting to go with a cheaper alternative, but when you weight up the fact that a better-made washer can last for much longer and be far more economically beneficial in the long run, it makes more sense to go for quality from the outset. That doesn’t mean you have to go for expensive, top-of-the-line units though.

Comenda is known for its range of washers that provide more output for less energy usage. The brand’s entry-level option, the LB275 undercounter glasswasher, offers that same efficiency but at an affordable price and a focus on longevity. This is archived through a self-draining pump and no internal pipes, making it far less likely that anything will go wrong with the machine internally.

The Comenda LB275 gives outstanding quality and an affordable price.

Clean, service, replace

While having a fantastic washer is a great start, you’ll still need to make an effort to keep the unit in top notch condition. Regular cleaning is the key to this, as it will remove any buildup of dirt or grime that could compromise the system. If you’re not sure how best to clean your Comenda washer, there are instructions in the manual and failing that, you can always get in touch with Comcater for advice.

As well as frequent scrubs, it’s also important to have your glasswasher serviced regularly. This will vastly extend the life span of the unit, and should be done as a normal part of your yearly routine. Servicing is quick and simple – you can even book online through the Comcater website.

Finally, even the best kitchen appliances will eventually break down, or lose a step of pace. When this happens, it’s crucial to get a replacement sorted right away. You don’t want to be operating without a washer for any period of time, so get in touch with Comcater and we’ll help you source the perfect new unit or any type of chef equipment.

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