How to serve the masses without compromising on taste

When it comes to large scale catering, the quality of the food served has much to do with how it’s prepared, but even more to do with how it’s held before service. 

Only the best commercial kitchen equipment does this without compromising on quality and taste. That’s why serious caterers turn to Alto-Shaam for their banqueting, holding and serving solutions.

From the Adelaide Convention Centre to Star City Casino in Sydney and the Ville Casino in Townsville, some of the biggest venues in Australia rely on Alto-Shaam’s Banquet Carts. Let’s look in to the nitty gritty of how these banquet carts deliver delicious dinners time after time.

All about Alto-Shaam’s Banquet Carts

Alto-Shaam’s range of mobile heated banquet carts hold pre-plated food at the right temperature for serving, without deterioration, shrinkage or drying out. This is because of the special ‘Halo Heat’ system, which offers a controlled, uniform heat source that gently and evenly warms, prolonging the holding life of food, ensuring better appearance and excellent taste. With Halo Heat there are no cold or hot spots, no air movement, which dries out food, and the cabinet radiates less ambient heat. Food is every bit as good when it comes out of the trolley as when it went in, so the meal gets to the customer in the condition the chef intended.

Alto-Shaam’s banquet carts can be moved into position and can stand for 30-45 minutes unplugged, with the doors closed, keeping food hot and ready to serve. The carts are designed to offer a solution for any type of banquet, holding stacked, covered plates, covered or uncovered plate carriers and trays ready for service.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, the carts can withstand the demands of busy catering environments. Transport handles on each side and heavy duty castors enable them to be safely and easily manoeuvred and stored until needed.

To ensure pre-cooked, plated food is held at a safe and precise temperature, an adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display closely monitors the internal temperature. Food can be held from 16° to 93°C. Insulation ensures only about 1°C is lost for every 45 minutes, when the food is held in the cart with the power off and the door shut.

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