Introducing Cambro FreshPro Camsquares

FreshPro Camsquares are the latest innovation from Cambro to fire up the Australian food scene. After consulting with chefs about what they wanted in a food storage solution, Cambro designed FreshPro. Containers with practical features for the busy commercial kitchen environment. The results not only keep food fresher for longer, but improve efficiency in the kitchen.


Cambro FreshPro Camsquares are made specifically for busy, commercial kitchens

Freshness, food safety and efficiency are hallmarks of FreshPro. The practical design of the seven containers saves space in the kitchen, while extending freshness by a whopping two days.

Airtight lids are designed for ease of use

Ergonomic, airtight lids seal and remove easily, a must in busy kitchens.

Locking in freshness, Easy Seal Covers reduce cross-contamination and spills. The lids colour matches the gradations on their FreshPro container and Drain Shelf. So, no time is wasted guessing which lid fits which container. This simple, practical visual cue improves your efficiency. Dishwasher safe, stain and odour resistant, these durable lids even have a handy peg hole for air drying and storing.

For a limited time only, Comcater are offering FREE Easy Seal Covers with every FreshPro Camsquare

Handles are designed for grabbing, holding and pouring

Curved ergonomic handles are moulded and recessed around the whole container. Moulded handles also save space in the tight kitchen environment and reduce crevices for food to accumulate.

Cambro’s research found chefs preferred rounded corners. The curved corners make pouring safe from any side.

Thanks to the scratch resistant surface, over time, the containers won’t ware or create sharp edges. The new textured grip feature is ideal for wet, slippery hands.

Easy to read gradations for fast identification

Save time by reducing guesswork. The clear containers have volume gradations coloured and etched in Quarts and Litres for quick inventory across a crowded kitchen.

Save space

The versatile range of seven sizes are the perfect shape for your ingredients and the commercial kitchen storage space.

The 11.4L to 20.8L FreshPro Camsquares provide 25 percent more storage capacity than other containers.

You can also stack containers conveniently when not in use.


Freshpro containers, lids and drain shelves are an investment. That’s because they last. Cambro containers are shatterproof and won’t scratch or chip. They even withstand temperatures between -40°C to 70°C.

The drain shelf extends freshness

The Drain Shelf was another feature requested by chefs to raise freshly prepared ingredients out of their juices. Mise en place ingredients such as cut tomatoes, shelled prawns and washed berries, then store confidently in FreshPro containers for up to two days.

Simply place in the dishwasher and hang from the nifty peg hole to air dry.

For a limited time only, Comcater are offering FREE Easy Seal Covers with every Camsquare FreshPro container. Speak to one of our representatives or authorised distributors before stock runs out.


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