Make every meal an event with tecnomac’s new eVent series

The trick with technology is that it never stands still for long, advancing and pushing the conventional boundaries at every turn. At Comcater, we welcome progress and are delighted to announce Tecnomac’s new ‘eVent’ series, an improved range of commercial blast chillers and freezers.

Replacing the time honoured and trusted ‘EasyChill’ series by Tecnomac, the ‘eVent’ range represents the next generation of chilling technology – using the automation and more specific functionality to better meet the expectations of users.

As we get close to the warmer weather, now is the perfect time to invest in quality multifunction blast chillers. So, why is Tecnomac’s new ‘eVent’ series set to be a true game changer?

Introducing the magic of touch control 

One of the major new features of the eVent range is the introduction of a touchscreen controller. Easy to read and operate, this allows you to take advantage of the various programs for chilling and freezing different products and industries. In fact, there is now a specific and dedicated function for ice cream and gelato that can improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Putting health and safety first

Another new feature is the focus on HACCP control. Using a handy USB port, you can quickly extract HACCP data to assist with food safety guidelines. This will prove important for businesses that use blast chillers and freezers for a range of operations when health and safety regulations differ.

There is also a new thawing function that uses controlled temperature and humidity to safely defrost frozen product and the patented ‘Dynamic Frost Control’ that is designed to reduce the risk of ice build-up on sensitive products during the chilling process.

As health and safety are always vital considerations when it comes chilling food, the eVent range is certainly setting the bar high in the industry.

Accurate core temperature readings

Control the length of the blast chilling cycle using Tecnomac’s new PT1000 Core probe sensor. Easily removed after the cycle, the probe will ensure you’re always in control of your blast chilling and freezer settings and what cycle is required. If needed, a double probe is available.

Keen to explore how Tecnomac’s new ‘eVent’ series can make a difference to your kitchen? Get in touch with the helpful team at Comcater today by filling in the form on this page!

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