Playing with fire at Mr. G’s Bar & Grill

Located on the ground floor of Double Bays exclusive Inter-Continental Hotel sits the latest venture for the Gallagher Hotel Group, Mr G’s.

Owned and operated by Patrick & Angela Gallagher of Gallagher Hotel Group, Mr G’s pays homage to Patrick’s father, referencing his father’s long-serving nickname (Mr G) and his love of American food.

Best known for their work with the PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub chain, the duo are well acquainted with successfully bringing international cuisine to Australia, with people flocking from across town
to enjoy the traditional food, beverages and a friendly, warm atmosphere of the PJ Gallagher Pub chain.

Leading the charge in the kitchen is Head Chef (and part-owner of Mr G’s) Dave Little. Before embarking on this role, Dave was the Head Chef at Uncorked Restaurant and Le Bistro in North Sydney and also a private chef to the stars including the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas.

“We aim to deliver an authentic American grill with a focus on quality sourced meat, seafood and fresh produce,” says Dave. “We cook all of our proteins in the Mibrasa Charcoal Oven which gives it a real unique smoky flavour.” 

Dave experienced a Mibrasa charcoal cooking demonstration late last year and as a result, the team at Gallagher Hotel Group decided to incorporate the Mibrasa into their newest venue.

“About 50% of the steaks we serve are eye fillets and they are pretty much impossible to cook on a grill alone. First, you have to char them and then put them in the oven to finish them off; however, with the Mibrasa, the ambient heat that surrounds them cooks them perfectly. You get a great crust on them and an amazing flavour. It’s fantastic.

“In addition to the large variety of the highest quality steaks hand-selected and sourced in Australia, the menu also includes delicacies such as Huon Salmon Gravlax and Black Royal Caviar.

It is a 120 seat restaurant and we employ 4 chefs. We have been extremely busy ever since we opened, we are doing really well and hope that we can replicate it and open a few more across Sydney,” said Dave.

Mr G’s Bar & Grill is set to be a definite stand-out in the Double Bay bar and restaurant scene. With an emphasis on sharp service, impressive menus, stylish drinks selection and a bustling American vibe, customers can experience their own slice of Brooklyn in a chic Double Bay setting.

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