Top ten tips for speeding up your service with Lincoln

In the chaotic world of quick service restaurants, finding innovative ways to serve delicious food, fast can be one of the biggest challenges operators will face. 

But what if consistently good food could be produced up to four times faster with minimal staff intervention?

Here are the top ten ways that the Lincoln Countertop Impinger Oven can better your business and speed up your service!

  • Award Winning Air Impingement Technology – cooks food 2-4 times faster than conventional ovens
  • Innovative Digital Display – simple to use push button controls with 4 preset menu options allows easy, consistent cooking results
  • Robust Stepper Motor – ensures unit reliability and greater control over conveyor speeds which now range from 30 seconds up to 15 minutes!
  • Stackable Design – easily stackable up to two units high allows maximum outputs from minimal kitchen space
  • Wide Temperature Range – greater flexibility and quicker cook times thanks to the 32-315°C temperature range

Get to know the Lincoln Countertop Impinger Oven 2504 Series(post continues after video)

  • Grab and Go with Front of House Use – single stacked units can be operated front of house without the need of ventilation* for even quicker service for grab and go items
  • Flexible Cooking Options – cook almost any item off your menu faster, from focaccias to pizza, steaks and bakes
  • Unmonitored Cooking – use preset time and temperature controls so staff can work on multiple dockets at a time, drastically increasing productivity and decreasing service times
  • Safety First – the Lincoln reduces the need for staff to constantly tend to items being cooked, reducing safety risks
  • Quick service, quicker clean – conveyor and air distribution fingers are removable through the side panels for quick and easy cleaning of the unit

*local codes apply. Check with your local council for ventilation requirements.

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