What are the benefits of pebble ice?

It might be surprising to some, but ice is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. Important across the food journey including storage, transportation, presentation and taste – ice is a product that can make the difference in a range of areas.

Of course, each type of ice is designed for a particular purpose depending on the circumstances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of these – pebble ice.

What is pebble ice?

Pebble ice is perfect for cocktails.

As its name suggests, pebble ice has a similar appearance to rock pebbles both in size and shape. Along the continuum of ice, pebbles sit between flakes and cubes – sharing characteristics of both, and offering many of their advantages in the hospitality industry.

It’s therefore easy to say that pebble ice is one of the most flexible and innovative types of ice available.

Where can pebble ice be used?

Pebble ice is useful in a range of applications in the kitchen environment. Let’s explore a couple of these.

  • Cooling cocktails, smoothies, frappes and other drinks quickly

The unique size of pebble ice means that it can cool drinks very quickly as well as retain its shape for a considerable amount of time. This said it can also perform this action during the production process by being added to cocktail shakers before the drink is strained.

  • Adding a touch of wow to a drink’s presentation

With a trend towards artisan ice, customers are expecting drinks that not only taste good but look great as well. As pebble ice isn’t as large as normal cubes and not as small as flake ice, it’s the perfect type to be added for visual effect.

It also provides the illusion of a daiquiri style of drink where the ice can be nibbled on. Ice is expected to keep a drink cool, but also enhance the customer’s experience – exactly what pebble ice offers.

If you would like to learn more about pebble ice and what maker will add value to your commercial kitchen equipment, feel free to reach out to our helpful team by filling out the form.

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