Why gourmet food grocer Malibu Fresh invested in RATIONAL

Perth gourmet grocer Malibu Fresh Essentials stocks everything from fresh fruit and veg to ready-to-go prepared meals. Hearty warming stews, succulent roasts and sweet cakes are all freshly made on the premises.

Malibu Fresh has been a Perth institution since 2000. But it was only recently they contacted Comcater for a more efficient way of cooking their ready-to-go meals. They needed greater consistency and a more streamlined process.

How gourmet food grocer Malibu Fresh improved their consistency in the kitchen

Comcater suggested they install an iVario unit for their pasta, curries and stews and three iCombi Pro ovens for roasts, amongst other meals.

We use the RATIONAL’s for everything from slow roast, to overnight cooking, curries, soups, stews, steaming, roasting vegetables, and everything,” says prep room manager, Kelly.

How the RATIONAL iCombi Pro improved their efficiency

The RATIONAL iCombi oven intelligently plans mixed loading of meals, such as bread, roast and grilled chicken.

It really makes us more time efficient. It cuts down our production time.”

Each tray is independently monitored so they can prepare different foods at the same time. The iCombi Pro even recognises the load quantity on each shelf and adjusts the cooking conditions to get the desired result. It even browns to perfection, consistently.

The benefits of using RATIONAL equipment would be our time efficiency, our production and the volume in which we can cook for our kitchen.”


Cooking with the RATIONAL iVario improved consistency

The RATIONAL iVario is a Bratt pan, kettle, fry pan and deep fryer in one appliance. Malibu Fresh can boil pasta in one unit while cooking sauce in the other. The intelligent system won’t burn or boil over. It can be preprogramed to cook the product how and when they need it, improving consistency, time management and productivity.

The iVario has helped us improve the production and consistency of our products.

The pan can be easily tilted and cleaned in a few minutes. They set zones for each product. In one pan, they could deep fry chicken, while in the other pan, fry fish, cutlets and asparagus independently of each other. Unused areas can simply be switched off, saving energy.


Comcater visited Malibu Fresh to show the team how to get the most from their RATIONAL appliances.

“The aftercare service provided by Comcater has been amazing. They come out and train us onsite. I’ve got 24/7 support on the end of the phone. We can link them to WiFi. Overall, it’s been really beneficial for our business.

To find out how RATIONAL can improve the consistency and efficiency of your commercial kitchen, get in touch with Comcater. Our friendly team can visit your site and discuss your menu and how to improve your processes. Call 1300 309 262.

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