Cleveland is the world leading manufacturer in steam cooking equipment. Cleveland’s range of steam cooking equipment is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding foodservice operations, ensuring minimum kitchen space for maximum output. Cleveland’s steam cooking technology uses gentle uniform cooking; the food is cooked quickly and evenly without sticking, burning or scorching.




  • Cleveland steam powered products offer ultra efficient heat transfer, uniform heating and superior product handling.
  • Winner of over 15 Foodservice Equipment Suppliers Best In Class Awards across the range of commercial kettles and bratt pans.
  • Cleveland’s Steam Jacketed Kettles significantly reduce cooking times compared to stock pots as two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product.
  • All products feature state of the art temperature control with less than
    1°C variance, allowing you to simmer delicate foods with total confidence without staff monitoring.
  • The full range features tilting kettles, gas and electric floor mounted kettles, direct steam kettles, mixer kettles and bratt pans.


  • Better food quality – Cleveland’s steam technology allows you to cook products at extremely low temperatures for long periods of time which greatly increases the flavour and desired consistency of the food.
  • Less labour required – all Cleveland products are created with labour minimisation in mind, allowing chefs to focus on preparation other menu items rather than constantly tending to products.
  • Bigger profits –  apart from the obvious time savings and labour savings, Cleveland products lead to a huge reduction in food waste due to the lack of overcooking and burning.
  • Safety first – the tilting models of kettles and bratt pans from Cleveland reduce OH&S risks and allows for less product waste.



RACV Royal Pines Resort

“With four restaurants on site, we offer diversity. Aside from the RATIONAL’s and Mareno cooking range, we also have Cleveland Kettles throughout the resort, which all work flawlessly.”

Hollywood Private Hospital

Since being acquired by Ramsay Health Care, Hollywood Private Hospital has continued to develop and enhance its infrastructure and facilities, recently investing over $70 million in major infrastructure developments at the hospital.


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