Comenda is Italy’s number one manufacturer of high performance commercial warewashing systems. Comenda is a market leader across Europe and the world, offering more than 200 warewashing solutions to meet the  demands of any foodservice business. The new Prime Line Series of commercial dishwashers, glass washers, and utensil washers offer users a range of advanced features with sustainability at front of mind. From compact undercounter glasswashers for bars and clubs to larger automated continuous-flow systems  for hotels, hospitals and the largest of catering operations, there is a Comenda unit for every kitchen size.



Tailored Solutions

Comenda can custom design a warewasher to suit any kitchen. Offering a comprehensive suite of over 200 warewashing solutions, the affordable, economical and environmentally friendly range extends from compact commercial glass washers through to the largest of flight type rack conveyors.

Easy Cleaning

The Comenda range is equipped with easy to use and intuitive control panels, making operation simple with the touch of a button. Hygiene is top of mind, with tanks featuring rounded edges and automatic washing cycles to prevent soil accumulation. A self draining pump and the absence of internal pipes ensure cleaning is quick and easy at the end of the working day.

European Design

Italian designed and manufactured, the Comenda range is steeped in quality right down to the smallest construction detail. With an affordable product
offering, the Comenda range has a warewashing solution to suit every application and budget.

High Performance

Packed with innovative features, the Comenda range is renowned for high performance providing thorough cleaning results even during the shortest cleaning cycles. Built to last, Comenda is backed by Comcater’s 24 hour, 7 day a week service support hotline who are on hand to answer any of your questions.

Environmentally Friendly

Comenda’s WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System posts a 25% reduction in  water consumption, a 25% reduction in energy consumption and a 25% reduction in chemical use for the most sustainable and environmentally friendly clean possible. This not only benefits the environment, but your bottom line.

Faster ROI

Comenda’s ECO2 technology is the key to Comenda’s entire production – eco-friendly solutions that ensure excellent results and a healthier working environment. Your customers will benefit from a faster return on their investment and reduced running costs, whilst guaranteeing maximum results.



Hollywood Private Hospital

“We introduced some of the options available from Comenda to improve current operations and effectively reduce the large running cost associated with ware washing. The Flight dishwasher solution (which washes for 600 people three times a day) includes some really unique features which the hospital was very keen to introduce into their operation.”

Jackson & Co

“I’m a big believer in Ballarat. I love the town, and want to see it grow” explains Brian Taylor, Director of Ballarat Hotel, Jackson & Co. Breathing new life into this historical town, Jackson & Co opened after extensive renovations in early 2013 to a roaring trade.


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How to choose the right commercial dishwasher for your business

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Running you through Comenda’s revolutionary CRC system

Commercial warewashing equipment can be enormous wasters of water and power if not designed for efficiency, and many restaurants or cafes operate units that are out of date and create unpleasant or possibly unsafe working environments.

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