Dean offer affordable electric deep fryers that are reliable and perfect for medium production sites and the budget conscious operator. All fryers come complete with stainless steel fry pots for ease of cleaning. These quality fryers are manufactured by Frymaster and feature the unique Thermo Tube design which improves oil heat recovery.



Wide Cold Zone

Dean tube fryers feature a wide cold zone to capture the natural fall-off, or sediment, that occurs during frying. Since loose particles can result in carbonisation, taste transfer, and oil breakdown; the wide cold zone makes Dean tube fryers particularly well suited for heavy-sediment foods. A full 20% of the fryer’s oil is below the tubes and below 149°C. This assures adequate space for the sediment to collect safely away from the burners.

Steeper Drain Slope

‘Positive slope’ frypot allows the oil to drain faster and thoroughly flush the loose food particles from the frypot. The pitch is 60mm from the rear of the tank to the front, as well as from the sides to centre.

Swirl Baffle Design

At work inside each burner is the exclusive Dean swirl-design baffle, made with high-performance alloy steel for superior strength and high-temperature stability. The swirl pattern slows the flow of the flame through the tube to provide even heat distribution and increase the fryer’s energy efficiency, thus lowering costs. It also enhances recovery to produce consistently high-quality fried foods, and that helps assure repeat customers and profits.

Superior Construction

Dean fryers are unmatched in quality, durability, and reliability. Dean burners are made with heavy cast iron to prevent warping. The tubes are constructed with thicker-gauge steel than competitive fryers and welded on the outside of the
tank to maintain product integrity.



Royal Stacks

A Comcater Burger Day showcasing state of the art equipment fit for burger royalty helped Melbourne burger ledgend Dani Zeini fitout the King Of Kitchens at Melbourne’s hottest burger joint, Royal Stacks. With the help of Comcater Area Sales Manager Craig Lategan, the kitchen has been…

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