For the past 80 years, Frymaster provides technologically superior and reliable commercial deep fryers which are trusted worldwide for their innovation and highest quality. With a full range of quality deep fryers and oil saving filtration suites that are designed for high performance frying with minimum maintenance, Frymaster delivers high efficiency with fast oil heat recovery, making this the fryer of choice for fast food chains.

With unbeatable oil saving and filtering capabilities, you can save thousands each year simply by frying with Frymaster. Want to find out exactly how much you can save? Open up our savings calculator and find out your annual savings today!




  • 80 years experience, 35 consecutive years as Australia’s #1 commercial deep fryer and relied upon by major chains, cafes and restaurants across the globe.
  • The entire range is designed with high performance, oil saving and energy efficient frying in mind.
  • Stainless steel fry pots with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Patented centreline thermostat for quick temperature recovery is accurate to 1 degree, unmatched by competitors.
  • Frymaster is the number one in oil conservation and quality, with all units featuring a deep cold zone that extends oil life.


  • Patented thermostat is accurate to 1 degree meaning food is cooked at optimum temperatures, reducing risk of overcooking and wastage.
  • Frymaster’s award winning Oil Quality Sensor ensures you know exactly when the right time to filter or refill oil is, increasing oil life and food quality.
  • Frymaster’s open pot design makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  • By utilising one of Frymaster’s inbuilt filtration models, operators enjoy a 40% reduction in oil costs and 10% less energy consumption.
  • Frymaster’s inbuilt filtration range of fryers greatly reduces the OH&S risks of manually filtering oil.



Fish in a Flash

“The Frymaster computers are the key. Without a constant 180 degrees the end product suffers. I can trust Frymaster Computers to react fast and keep that temperature up, even when we’re at our peak on a Friday night. The computers also ‘stretch’ cooking times, heavy loads need longer than light loads, and the CMIII Computer calculates cook times automatically to provide consistent food quality. Most operators don’t even notice, but the customers do. Oil costs are reduced as the temperature is computer controlled and it never burns.”

KRU Catering

Darrell Scanlon built his first mobile kitchen on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2001. Following a nine-year contract with ASP and some overseas travels, Darrell returned to the Gold Coast where he embarked on his next venture – Kru Catering, a film location catering service fit for the Stars. Kru Catering comprises of four fully equipped…


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