Garland has been manufacturing quality commercial cooking equipment for over 140 years. Preferred by leading Chefs in Australia and around the world, Garland’s range of commercial cooking equipment offers unsurpassed performance, lasting durability and premium quality components. The unique Garland Starfire Pro® burner is only one component that sets Garland apart from the competition and outperforms higher rated ring burners in precision, productivity and energy efficiency.




  • The Garland name has been synonymous with high performance cooking since the 1800’s, with over 140 years experience producing commercial ranges.
  • With three series to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a solution to fit your budget or specific technical requirements.
  • Garland’s Heavy Duty Restaurant Series is the perfect choice for all purpose cooking in any small to medium restaurant and cafe.
  • For the most demanding of kitchens requiring consistent output and large amounts of covers, the Extra Heavy Duty Master Series is the best choice.
  • Where gas isn’t available in your venue, the Heavy Duty Electric Series by Garland offers the same great output as the Restaurant Series without the gas!


  • Garland offers chefs the largest usable cooking surface in the industry, with its 692mm cook top allowing six 300mL stock pots to fit easily on each burner.
  • The exclusive Starfire Pro® Burners found on the Garland range concentrates heat directly to the bottom of the pan,, meaning  food is cooked with a precise, even heat, allowing for improved efficiency and heat control.
  • With Garland’s large ovens, you can fit full size gastro norm pans inside both horizontally and vertically for increased productivity.
  • The innovative Starfire Pro® Burners have a two piece split design, making them significantly easier to handle, remove and clean.
  • With oven doors rated to a whopping 204kg, durable cast iron grates and burners, plus the added safety of standing pilots and flame failure protection to all burners, Garland is easily the most reliable and durable range in the industry.



Beachside Pavilion

“The other new piece of kit was a Garland Target Top – it’s just fantastic! I’ve never worked with one before. You can fit a lot more pots and pans on it and move them around the heat without turning down the gas. It occupies the same footprint as a 4 burner but can fit about 8 pans on it.”

Santa Monica

The team behind the Bellezza Group has helped transform the café and food scene in Brisbane delivering a string of establishments including Bar Pacino, Bellezza Espresso Bar, Espresso Veloce, 11th Hour Catering, Short Street Espresso, Chocolate Soldier, Punch Espresso Bar and Café Pacino.


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