For over 30 years, Lincoln has been producing premium ovens using air impingement technology incorporating high velocity cooking methods to  deliver a faster, more consistent and even bake, resulting in food that has no  burned bottoms, under cooked middles or over browned tops. Impingement  technology has revolutionised the foodservice industry and enabled operators  to produce high quality food in minimal cook time.




  • Lincoln’s exclusive FastBake™ features patented airflow technology to produce a higher heat transfer than any other impingement technology.
  • All Lincoln units come with a Patented Direct Drive which means no conveyor belt or costly belt replacement.
  • Designated cooking zones for rapid browning, cooking and crisping of foods.
  • Lincoln features a great range of countertop and larger commercial pizza ovens available in natural, propane gad and electric models.
  • Voted 14 times ‘Best Conveyor Oven’ by Foodservice Equipment & Suppliers Magazine.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.


  • Operators using Lincoln experience 2-4 times faster cook times compared to conventional ovens and a 30% increase in speed compared to other impingement technologies.
  • Lincoln significantly reduces labour costs as staff do not need to monitor or tend to food cooking, leaving staff free to produce other menu items.
  • Lincoln’s automated conveyor cooking platform increases output and productivity as multiple items can be cooked in the oven at once.
  • Extremely easy to operate requiring minimal staff training making Lincoln perfect for use in QSR’s or any operation with unqualified chefs.



Coffee Club

“We’d been using the Lincoln Impinger ovens for approximately 26 years in The Coffee Club. We’ve now gone to the new digital impinger’s, which has resulted more accuracy in temperatures and times and the feedback on those has been absolutely outstanding. It’s great because we don’t have to worry about griddle plates or anything like that, which is getting more and more difficult because retail space is getting very expensive dollar per square metre. The smaller the kitchen the better, the more bums on seats out in the seating area is what we need so if we can reduce our kitchen areas from 40-50 metres down to 35 it allows us for another 15 seats.”

The Groove Train

With 24 locations nationally and no signs of slowing soon, The Groove Train has exemplified the Quick Service Restaurant Scene in Australia. Achieving store and menu consistency across multiple franchisees is a difficult operation; however, this is something that The Groove Train has managed to achieve and continues to deliver. “Whilst the presentation of food…


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