Since inventing the Combi-Steamer Oven over 40 years ago, RATIONAL has been driven by the ambition to provide all the chefs in the world with the best tools for hot food preparation. In pursuing this aim, RATIONAL has concentrated on developing solutions that combine efficiency and simplicity, support creativity and variety and guarantee constant top quality. It’s why the company has – and will continue to have – the number one selling commercial combi oven on the market worldwide.




  • Three product lines to choose from: The SelfCookingCenter® , The CombiMaster® Plus and the VarioCookingCenter® .
  • All units come with a two year warranty and exclusive access to RATIONAL ServicePlus.
  • All RATIONAL users can access the ChefLine® where RATIONAL Chefs are on hand 365 days a year from 8-8  to answer any of your application or recipe questions.
  • All new purchases of a RATIONAL unit entitles you to a free Academy RATIONAL 1 day training seminar for you and your staff.
  • RATIONAL customers can access ConnectedCooking, which not only allows you to remotely access and edit cook settings on a SelfCookingCenter® but offers automatic software updates and HACCP documentation.


  • Both lines of combi ovens feature automatic cleaning to ensure units are easily maintained.
  • The VarioCookingCenter® drastically reduces your kitchen footprint by replacing 4 items all in one unit and produces food up to 4 times as fast with up to 40 % less power consumption.
  • iCookingControl® and HiDensityControl® comes standard with all SelfCookingCenter® units and automatically adjusts cooking times, temperatures and energy levels to ensure food is cooked exactly as planned, minimising waste and guaranteeing consistency of menu items.
  • All RATIONAL lines are made to ensure outstanding food quality at all times , easy to operate for unskilled staff and with minimal running costs.



Red Rooster

“Red Rooster has been using RATIONAL ovens for close to 30 years now. The RATIONAL ovens replaced the rotisserie ovens and reduced the cook time from an hour and a half to 55 minutes. RATIONAL ovens provide great consistency. From a quality prospective and you can also cook a variety of things which we can cook in the oven. It’s been a long partnership and it’s a very important piece of equipment and gives us some great advantages.”

Woolworths Metro

Adapting to the needs of the modern day inner city consumer, the Pitt Street Woolworths Metro Store features a café, grab-and-go meals, lunch for under $10 and a smaller sized supermarket for when you just need those key items for tonight’s tea.


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The future of kitchen management is here with RATIONAL’s ConnectedCooking

Whether you own one RATIONAL or several, ConnectedCooking will revolutionise the way you manage your kitchen.

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