For over 70 years, Vitamix has been the choice in blending equipment for kitchens worldwide. American made quality, Vitamix is a global leader offering the most advanced container and blade technology with a comprehensive range of food and beverage blending solutions suitable for all foodservice operations. From chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées and smoothies, Vitamix products are designed to reduce prep-time, improve efficiency and expand menu offerings. Built to last and incorporating heavy duty motors, Vitamix blenders are capable of cutting through any combination of ingredients swiftly and effortlessly. The range is also backed by a 3 years parts* and 1 year labour warranty on motor, proving Vitamix is the clear choice for commercial blending use.

*base only (drive socket excluded).




  • Large range pf commercial blenders to suit any food and beverage requirements.
  • Cutting-edge, heavy duty American design and manufacturing ensures maximum return on investment.
  • Easy to use manual and automatic controls.
  • Simple cleaning and user maintenance.
  • Three year parts and one year labour warranty on the motor and base.


  • High impact, shatterproof containers for maximum durability.
  • Double sealed bearings provide superior durability and longer blade life.
  • Powerful, cool-running motor extends the life of the blender.
  • Simple and programmable controls for consistent results every time.
  • Only Vitamix uses a hardened, laser-cut, stainless steel blade, ensuring that every edge is razor sharp and unlikely to rust over time.


Vitamix Products


Gloria Jeans

“We use the Vitamix Quiet One which delivers consistency smooth drinks every time. We put all the ingredients in and are guaranteed that all the ice is completely crushed. We never have to check, it’s just always perfect.”

Wickens, Royal Mail Hotel

After a year of construction and renovations, The Royal Mail Hotel Executive Chef Robin Wickens and his team have unveiled a completely new restaurant – Wickens at the Royal Mail Hotel. Built on a new site on the property the dining room has been designed to create a strong connection between the land and the…


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