Beachside Pavilion


Beachside Pavilion is a contemporary, relaxed and has a nautical beach-themed. With an emphasis on great service, quality food and specialising in fresh sustainable seafood Beachside Pavilion serves hundreds of freshly shucked oysters and the seafood display showcases the freshness and quality of seafood on offer.

“Fresh seafood is a big hero on the menu here – you’ll find small and simple plates like grilled octopus with olive oil, lemon juice and dill mayonnaise, as well as colourful poke bowls. If you like it really fresh, then you can choose from the raw menu of kingfish ceviche, tuna and ocean trout tartare, and a selection of sashimi with ponzu,” explains business owner Andrew DiMattina.

The restaurant makeover also incorporated an entirely new kitchen. Together with the assistance of Paul Terzis from Commercial Kitchen Company, the team at Beachside Pavilion installed out a new kitchen including Frymaster, Garland, Mibrasa and RATIONAL.

“The Mibrasa charcoal oven is the absolute best. The team first saw it at Fine Food last year and were convinced that we should have one in this restaurant.  I just love it, it imparts a smoky flavour to food that only a wood-fired grill can give,” said Andrew.

“The other new piece of kit was a Garland Target Top – it’s just fantastic! I’ve never worked with one before. You can fit a lot more pots and pans on it and move them around the heat without turning down the gas. It occupies the same footprint as a 4 burner but can fit about 8 pans on it.”

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week the kitchen is constantly on the go.

“It’s a pretty busy place; we use the Frymaster Filtration Suites which reduces our filtering time. It’s done in 10 minutes; it can take over 30 minutes with other units. The RATIONAL self-cleaning aspect helps out too, you just put a tablet in and it just happens, you’ve got to love that,” added Andrew

Catering for everyone needs the Beachside Pavilion also offers a take-away Fish & Chip Bar from a window at the front of the restaurant – perfect for those for those wanting a quick bite before heading back to the sand and the famous Gold Coast surf.

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