Dineamic Foods


Delivering fresh and healthy ready-made meals

Dineamics produce nutritious ready to heat meals available online and in supermarkets around the nation. Meals range from snack sized protein balls to a hearty Malaysian coconut chicken. All veggies and meat are Aussie sourced. The beef is grass fed and the chickens are free range. The solo diner, vegan, 5:2 dieter and low carb dieters are all catered for with delicious, ready to heat meals.

Originally catering for athletes in 2008, Dineamic expanded its operation to the public. In 2019 they decided to move from producing frozen to fresh food to enhance flavour, nutrient content and variety.

Moving from frozen food to ready to heat, Dineamic’s biggest challenge was achieving consistent, high quality food on a large scale. Comcater installed five iVario units and three RATIONAL ovens consisting of 40 trays. The flexibility of the iVario units allows Dineamic to cook a variety of fresh meals fast.

“We produce about 85 000 meals per week ranging from soups, snacks, meals for one, meals for two, in pouches that don’t contain any carbohydrates, catering to everyone’s needs,” says Group Executive Chef Michael Rodenberg.

“We can cook the meals quickly and efficiently, and we get a great consistent product each time.”

The iVario performs the functions of a bratt pan, kettle, boiler, range and deep fryer all in one unit. Each meal is pre-programmed into the iVario, saving time while achieving the consistent results repeat customers expect.

“We can load in all the different recipes we’re making, paellas to risottos,” says Michael.

Dineamics use the iVario units to cook farinaceous foods, such as potatoes, rice, pastas, and also casseroles.

“The iVario allows us to cook 150kg of chicken sauce in one hour. We can cook our meals quicker, they’re great to clean, and give us a consistent product each time,” he says.

Dineamic use the RATIONAL ovens to roast off the vegetables and meat.

“They’re fantastic ovens in that they can come up to temperature so quickly,” says Michael.

They also use the RATIONAL ovens for cooking a variety of foods, such as steaming noodles and potatoes. Dineamic can cook 200kg of chicken strips in the RATIONAL quicker and more consistently than a conventional oven. Like the iVario, the RATIONAL oven can be pre-programmed for each recipe. If a team member is away or staff are less experienced in the kitchen, the RATIONAL can still produce consistently mouth-watering food at the touch of a button. Money can be saved on labour costs, and time is also saved on cleaning the ovens, as it’s self-cleaning.

Both the iVario and RATIONAL ovens record the temperature, date and time each batch was cooked for quality assurance.


Customers expect ready to heat meals to be a consistent, high quality product. Especially, when the product is bought online. Investing in the right equipment can save you money and time in the long run. Ask Comcater about the right equipment for your commercial kitchen.

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