Fish in a Flash


Paul Rowe has been serving up some of the best fish and chips on offer since the late 80’s, with his trademark Echuca store Fish in a Flash taking out the AGE 2007 State’s Best Regional Fish and Chip Shop award.

Flash forward a few years and Paul’s son Jonathan was keen to take the family business to the big city. The location may be hundreds of kilometres apart, but there are many constants. For example, Rice Bran oil is the frying medium, the freshest selection of fish from the river and sea is on the menu, the perfected batter developed over many years of experience, and most importantly, the use of Frymaster commercial deep fryers with built in Filtration and Computers.

“This is our fourth store, and we have always used Frymaster Fryers, from our first store in Echuca 20 years ago” Jonathan says. “They are simply the best piece of equipment available on the market. They are reliable and keep the oil at the perfect temperature, day in, day out, morning to evening”.

Jonathan is particular about his Fish and Chips. He fully understands the relationship between the quality and temperature of the oil in his fryers and the end product.  This is why he chose an inbuilt filtration system over a portable version.

“It’s important that we retain the quality of the oil, because without regular filtration the oil can ‘taint’ the food. We filter at least once a day, more often if we get busier, and we get at least one week use from our Rice Bran Oil. This is great for the bottom line in a number of ways as we continue to sell a great product and spend less on oil purchases. My team are also more likely to filter because it is such a simple and safe procedure with no hot oil to handle.”

Computers are also vital to retaining the quality product Fish in a Flash has become known for. “The Frymaster Computers are the Key. Without a constant 180c the end product suffers. I can trust Frymaster Computers to react fast and keep that temperature up, even when we’re at our peak on a Friday night. The computers also ‘stretch’ cooking times, heavy loads need longer than light loads, and the CMIII Computer calculates cook times automatically to provide consistent food quality. Most operators don’t even notice, but the customers do.  Oil costs are reduced as the temperature is computer controlled and it never burns.”

For Jonathan, there was never any decision making process for choosing his fryers.

“I didn’t bother looking at other Fryers, 20 years of family experience with Frymaster was enough to give me confidence in the ease of use, performance, consistency and quality end product – these are all vital to making my business successful.”

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