Hatching A New Business


Following their 22 years success in Singapore, Australian born couple Jason and Felicity Pope have returned to their hometown of Sydney to open their first Australian eatery.

Located in Chatswood Chase, Radley’s brings a great concept of a restaurant that serves high quality comfort food at an affordable price. Famous for their Rotisserie Chicken & Burgers (hence the name), Radley’s is a quick-paced restaurant serving hearty meals at an affordable price. This self-service restaurant moves like clockwork with a smooth operating system for quick order taking and pick-ups.

With a calming Scandinavian vibe, Radley’s is a little haven amongst the madness of Chatswood Chase shopping centre. The menu is very diverse and offers something for everyone. Amongst the favourites, prime rib steaks, buttermilk pancakes, kimchi, chicken sliders and salads. And let’s not forget the famous rotisserie chicken which they marinated for 24 hours. Jason is very passionate about bringing good quality food to his customers at an affordable price and he’s doing exactly that.

The busy couple also run three restaurants in Singapore; one of these, The Rotisserie located in the popular China Square Food Centre formed the blueprint for Radley’s in Australia. “We’ve operated The Rotisserie in Singapore for nine years,” says Jason. “We wanted to bring a similar concept to Australia and start developing it here.”

“Our key to success has always been ensuring we use the freshest of produce and quality commercial kitchen equipment that is reliable and efficient.”

We have been renowned for our chips and the Frymaster Filtration Suite attributes to this success. It’s the best fryer we’ve ever used. We’ve all been to restaurants where one day the chips are soggy and undercooked, and the next day they are hard and overcooked, using the Frymaster we can serve perfect chips consistently every time.

“The RATIONAL SCC is a real work-horse,” adds Jason. “We use it for everything — from roasting, braising, steaming, baking, you name it. Our staff love it because it’s so easy to use. You can slow-cook in it overnight and the product will come out perfect.

“The Alto-Shaam Holding Cabinet is also always in use. One cabinet is operated as a cook and hold oven. It works for a period of time at a certain temperature and then automatically clicks over to lower temperature for 10-12 hours. The other cabinet is used in the restaurant purely to hold food,” says Pope. “They cook perfectly every time.” Radley’s Rotisserie Chicken and Burgers is soon to be replicated with the opening of their new restaurant on George Street in Sydney’s CBD. As a long-term plan, Pope’s planning to expand the business around the country over the next decade.

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