Comcater is the QSR industry’s most trusted expert. We’ve worked closely with some of the industry’s biggest brands, such as Red Roster and Gloria Jeans to deliver delicious food, fast.

Our experts understand the challenges fast food restaurants face. We provide solutions that will work with your staff skill level, customer base and time constraints.

We’ll keep you cooking through peak periods with advice, training and servicing, 24/7. Cook crispy chips, toasted burger buns and succulent patties consistently, while reducing waste and saving time.

Reap the rewards from the latest in commercial equipment innovations. Hot holding units that prevent product shrinkage, self-filtering deep fryers and smart combi ovens are just some of the technologies chefs are accessing.

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Snack Attack

“Quick and casual style snacks are head lining menus across bars, cafes and entertainment venues throughout Australia. Hungry diners wanting the best quality affordable food served quickly has seen an increased surge of menu offerings you would happily eat in a fine diner.”


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Try Before You Buy

Test your commercial kitchen equipment with your menu before committing to purchase. We want you to feel confident in your investment and understand the added value our advice and brands bring to your business. Comcater will help you work out your utility savings and train your team. Experience how to easily cook to perfect chip and more.


Comcater is the QSR sector’s most trusted food service expert. That’s because we only provide brands that are reliable, meeting the unique challenges and demands of the QSR industry. You can rely on our 24/7 support and maintenance service to keep your kitchen serving consistent food quickly through your peak periods, even across multiple locations.

Industry Advice

Our experts live and love the variables of food service. We have teams who are specialists in the QSR industry and can give you advice tailored to your staff, customers and menu.

Our Academy RATIONAL and 24 hour RATIONAL ChefLine keep you in touch with our chefs any day, anytime. They’ll take the time to understand your unique challenges, then craft a seamless system that combines the best cooking methods and technology to meet your needs.

Technical Support

Regular maintenance, 24/7 technical support and servicing are just some of the essential ingredients Comcater provide. Through the life of your equipment, we’ll be there. Our manufacturer trained technicians carry the most requested parts, meaning they can usually fix the issue on the spot. We keep you cooking through your peak periods.

Ongoing Training

Comcater opened the first Commercial Equipment Demonstration Kitchen in Australia over 20 years ago. Today, we’re still unrivalled in providing free pre and post sale training. No matter the size of your team or time of day, we can help with your menu creation either at your venue or in one of our demonstration kitchens.

Menu Creation

Our teamwork with you pre and post sale to achieve the perfect menu. A menu that’s not only cooked to the highest quality, but is done so efficiently, achievable by all staff and cooked to the same consistency. Whether you’re updating an existing menu, introducing seasonal changes or creating one from scratch, we’re there to help.

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