One of the fastest growing foodservice sectors in the country, Quick Service Restaurants are growing in numbers and competitors, making it even harder to stand out than ever before. Having partnered with the biggest QSR’s in Australia for almost 40 years, Comcater is well versed in catering to the fast paced and challenging needs unique to the QSR sector. Whether you’re looking to franchise your existing venue, or want to add more stores to your growing presence, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Service speed and menu consistency are some of the toughest challenges facing QSR’s. By working with Comcater, you have access to the most advanced kitchen technologies on offer that have been specifically designed to reduce cook times, ensure consistency and require minimal skill or staff intervention to produce menu items. From RATIONAL ovens cooking up the perfect chooks at Red Rooster, Gloria Jeans and Muzz Buzz producing their entire hot menu in our Menumaster MXP, and The Coffee Club producing 90% of their menu in our Lincoln Impinger Ovens, our family of award winning brands are guaranteed to deliver the results you require.

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Try Before You Buy

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so why shouldn’t you be able to test out your commercial kitchen equipment before deciding to invest? At Comcater we offer free equipment trials for all* Quick Service Restaurants, allowing you to put our equipment to the test in a real, working environment. Test out your menu, calculate your utilities savings or have us come out on site to program your menu and train your teams; do whatever you need to ensure you make the right investment! *All free trials offered at Comcater’s discretion


In the fast paced world of Quick Service Restaurants, you need equipment that can be relied on. Your staff will likely be made up of unskilled staff, only adding to the need for more reliable equipment that won’t cause headaches across multiple sites. Reliability also works hand-in-hand with consistency, and when you have multiple sites you need reliable equipment that cooks food consistently so all customers have the same experience no matter the venue. Each of Comcater’s brands was handpicked for their reliability and can be found in major QSR’s across the country, and the globe.

Industry Advice

With more chefs and restaurateurs on staff than any other commercial kitchen supplier in the country, we at Comcater are well versed in the challenges of working for and running a Quick Service Restaurant. Our chef to chef approach means you’ll get the best possible advice on everything from equipment decisions to menu development through to staffing, new technologies and industry trends. Plus programs like Academy RATIONAL and the 24 hour RATIONAL ChefLine means you can get advice from our chefs any day, anytime.

Technical Support

There is nothing worse than equipment breaking down mid service. Owning commercial kitchen equipment is similar to owning a car: breakdowns may unfortunately occur, but with regular servicing you are less likely to experience a breakdown. The Comcater Technical Services Department offer unmatched support throughout the entire life of your equipment, from installs to planned maintenance and 24/7 service call outs. Rest assured you’ll be back up and running in no time with our Technical Support team!

Ongoing Training

Our pre and post-sale training is unmatched in the industry, having opened the first Commercial Equipment Demonstration Kitchen in Australia over 20 years ago. Our team of chefs and equipment specialists offer free in house and on-site training to all customers no matter the time or team size. Get training on new or old equipment, test a new menu with us or coordinate a training trip at a customer site so you can see how other customers are using the equipment. We’ll even develop training videos for use across your entire franchise. We’re here to help, no matter the level of training required.

Menu Creation

When you’re working with unskilled staff and need consistency across multiple sites, getting the menu right can be one of the biggest challenges for QSR’s. That’s why at Comcater we offer unmatched support when it comes to the development and programming of your menu. Bring your menu concept into one of our demonstration kitchens and work hand-in-hand with us to help you get your settings just right, or have us develop a menu tailor made to the equipment you’ve already selected. Let us help you get the best out of your equipment and your staff whilst reducing waste, labour and time!


Red Rooster

“Red Rooster has been using RATIONAL ovens for close to 30 years now. The RATIONAL ovens replaced the rotisserie ovens and reduced the cook time from a 1 ½ to 55 minutes. RATIONAL ovens provide great consistency. From a quality prospective and you can also cook a variety of things which we can cook in the oven. It’s been a long partnership and it’s a very important piece of equipment and gives us some great advantages.”


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