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Comcater offers a range of commercial ice makers. Commercial ice maker machine can freeze from inside out to make uniform ice which is clear. Ice makers use some kind of refrigerant gases which are pushed by compressors. Ice making machines can be used to be ice with different shapes and sizes including cube, flakes, cubelet, top hat and square. It’s best to choose the size that satisfies your daily ice needs. We can help you find the best commercial ice-making machine, contact Comcater today – a market-leading provider in commercial kitchen equipment.

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Having a reliable commercial ice maker or ice flaker machine readily available is a worthwhile investment for any establishment, especially one where there is a continuous need for ice to be on hand. This is because these ice machines can produce large quantities of ice every day which allows for a continuous supply of fresh ice.  

 Owning a commercial ice cube maker or ice machine for your business comes with several benefits including:

  • Convenience: Having a consistent supply of ice readily available throughout service.
  • Storage: Ice can be stored beforehand in preparation for busier periods during the day.
  • Saving on costs:  Owning an ice machine can be more economical in the long term when compared to costs from buying bagged ice which results in a great return on investment.
  • Long Lifespan: The average lifespan of an ice machine can range between 4 to 5 years however with proper cleaning and maintenance, it can reach 10 years.

One of the most important aspects of flake ice is that they are cost effective for cooling an assortment of food such as fresh fish and poultry as well as cooling and transporting produce. Flaked ice comes with a variety of benefits that make a commercial ice flaker machine an essential addition to any kitchen.


Energy Efficient

In contrast to other ice making methods, flake ice doesn’t require a defrost cycle. This results in ice flaker machines having lower energy consumption during the process as well as requiring a smaller refrigeration load. 


Less wasted water

Commercial ice flaker machines ensure all water consumed is frozen and made into ice flakes so there is no waste. This results in conserving water and more efficient use of available resources. 

There are several important factors to consider when using a commercial ice machine in your establishment among which are the type of ice required as well as the accessibility of the ice maker.

Type of ice required

Different businesses have varied intended uses for ice, so it is important to consider what ice type best suits the business needs before deciding the type of ice maker machine. An example of this is how pebble ice is suited for mixed drinks due to quickly chilling drinks and melting evenly whereas flake ice might be better suited for produce displays where freshness is important.


Ice maker accessibility

Ice starts losing temperature as soon as it is removed from its storage bin. Therefore, it is essential to place the ice machine in a location that is easily accessible and that reduces the amount of time the ice is transported for. This is in addition to how much space the ice maker will take up as well as its proximity to electric and water supply.