A Combi oven can revolutionise your kitchen

Comcater is the exclusive distributor of RATIONAL, the world’s hottest name in Combi ovens. We’ve been partners in innovation with RATIONAL for over 30 years. In that time, Comcater has seen how smart technology has transformed kitchens around Australia. Chefs and untrained staff bake, poach, steam and grill food to perfection, to the same consistency, every time.

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Combi Ovens

Combi Ovens: A chef’s premium tool

Comcater has revolutionised small, exclusive bars to large nursing homes around the country with RATIONAL Combi ovens. This premium equipment cooks meals to the consistency you choose, for when you need it.

Within an incredibly small footprint of 1m2, commercial kitchens have replaced ovens, grills, steamers and even woks, cooking meals more efficiently and to a higher standard.

RATIONAL: The world’s leading combi oven

Comcater and RATIONAL have partnered in transforming the Australian culinary scene for over three decades. Combi ovens don’t simply produce meals in bulk. Bringing technology into the kitchen has saved time, reduced product loss and increased quality for chefs. Combi ovens come in a range of sizes, streamlining cooking, so meal quality, not quantity, is enhanced.

Cook smarter with the RATIONAL iCombi.

More Than An Oven

The iCombi is with you from first course to last. It works overtime during your downtime. Perform a quick 12 minute interim clean between meals. Save HACCP data remotely. Self clean while you’re sleeping. Need to hot hold? Not a problem. The iCombi will fit to your timetable.

Comcater can help you work more efficiently and perfect your menu offerings with their live demonstrations and customer support. Academy RATIONAL is a free 1 day training seminar available to you for the lifetime of your Combi. ChefLine is also complimentary, where RATIONAL Chefs are available daily to answer your questions.


A combi oven cooks with steam, convection or a combination of both. These smart devices cook food with accurate heat and humidity.
Combi ovens replace many other pieces of equipment, saving you space and money. Your menu items are cooked to a higher quality. There’s no food shrinkage, and the food is consistent.
Bake pastries, poach eggs and grill chicken. Combi ovens can also roast, steam, stew and blanch, all in one piece of equipment.
Yes. Bake bread, pastries and cakes to perfection. You can adjust the humidity, fan and convection heat for perfect results.
Yes. Combi ovens produce a lot of steam and heat, which needs to be extracted.
Yes, the oven will automatically preheat and alert you when it’s ready to load.
Combi ovens range from $15 000 to $70 000. The cost depends on the features and size.