Combi Ovens Are A Modern Chef’s Tool

Kitchens have gotten smaller in an effort to maximise dining space, the demand for higher output commercial chef equipment has gone up and up.

Along with this, the desire for powerful, versatile units that can perform more than one function has increased too, and for all of these different needs, combi ovens provide an answer. While a relatively new technology, combis have quickly become a cornerstone of commercial kitchens throughout Australia and across the world.

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Combi Ovens

Combi Ovens: A Modern Chef’s Tool

Combi ovens were, up until relatively recently, associated with bulk production. Today, though, as more and more kitchens discover the incredible power of the technology, it’s not uncommon to see combis being put to every type of cooking task imaginable – regardless of whether that’s in a mass production environment like a hospital, or a tiny, charming cafe.

In fact, there are also plenty of emerging areas where combi ovens are proving to be very successful. A great example is in the preparation of Asian-style food, which would traditionally require a wok. With the right combi oven, the same results can be achieved without the need for specialist equipment, or even a chef with expertise in that area of cooking.

When it comes to the best combi ovens on the market, you simply can’t go past RATIONAL.

RATIONAL: The World’s Leading Combi Ovens

Here at Comcater, RATIONAL is a hugely important part of our business. As the global and Australian market leader when it comes to combi ovens, RATIONAL provide incredible pieces of equipment, with intelligence, speed, efficiency and ease of use all key considerations within the brand.

A big part of the RATIONAL methodology is innovation, and leading the charge to make combi ovens a fixture of every commercial cooking business. In the past, this wasn’t feasible due to the larger size and focus on high production, which meant that combis simply weren’t suited to smaller restaurants or cafes. This has been a big focus area for RATIONAL combis over the last few years, with smaller, bench top options bringing the power of a great combi oven to establishments of all shapes and sizes.

Within the RATIONAL line of combi ovens, there are two key models for businesses to consider. Firstly, there’s the iCombi Pro, which features four intelligent functions: iCookingSuite, iDensityControl, iProductionManager and iCareSystem. Then there is the iCombi Classic, which has all of the same cooking quality but with a more streamlined manual operation interface.

More Than An Oven

Of course, there’s far more to the modern oven that simple cooking power. Everything from cleaning to service support needs to be considered, and this is another area where RATIONAL excels. All cleaning is done automatically and with phosphate free tablets rather than liquid for the safest possible operation. In addition, the iCombi Pro also feature a 12 minute interim clean option.

To ensure you have a thorough understanding of the unit, we run iCombi live events every two weeks. This provides an opportunity for people to come along and learn about the technology and what it can add to their kitchen.
For more information on RATIONAL combi ovens, be sure to get in touch with Comcater today.