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Commercial Deep Fryers

From inaccurate thermostats resulting in soggy chips, to slow recovery times meaning longer wait times for customers, understanding some important features is critical to your business. Buying such an essential kitchen item can be challenging and the wrong choice can cost you money or your reputation.

Talk to someone that understands deep fryers first.

Here are the top four scenarios to consider when choosing which fryer to buy for your business:

• You’ve been serving soggy, inconsistent chips without a 1 degree accurate thermostat. Check out how Frymaster’s MJ Series produces the perfect chip, everytime.
• You’re stuck manually filtering oil at the end of service, costing you time and labour. Have you looked into in-built filtration?
• You’re losing up to $100 per hour using standard capacity fryers. Check out our gas deep fryer range from Frymaster to see how our increased production capacity means bigger profits for you.
• You want a fryer to last in your venue for years. Hear from active Frymaster users how the lifetime frypot warranty will give you peace of mind.